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Independent Satanism

The practice of Solitary satanism is on the rise today because of the nature of satanism, and organized satanism in general. It is said that there is no ‘satanic community’, no bond between the ones who choose to be satanists, but I disagree. We are satanists, regardless of what style we express this through. Independent Satanism is popular today because people have a wealth of information on the internet and in books available for them to read and learn from. The information that you seek in Satanism is there when you learn how to look for it.

Anyone can be an independent Satanist. There are no rules or agendas to follow, because it is something that is self-created through one’s own personal philosophy.
Independent Satanism is a method of satanism that is a solitary practice. The independent Satanist is not allied with any groups or organizations, because they work for their own gain instead of using their time and energy to work for others.
The philosophies of satanism are generally based on autonomy and self-reliance, so the need for group interaction is a personal choice and not a requirement.

Being independent means being responsible for your own future and your own path. You will not have the guidance of a group, but you can seek out other independent satanists to talk with and share experiences with. You have to find what resonates for you in occultism and Satanism, and study and learn as much as you can.

You have to be able to stay motivated and not be afraid to be innovative and create your own methods. And most of all don’t be afraid to try, you have everything to gain if you do. Independent satanism’s greatest benefit is the knowledge that you have the ability to direct your life in the way that you want to.

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