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Mail Answered – The Left hand Path

This letter was sent to me from the website. This would be a perfect opportunity for discussion of new ideas, and it may help others to find what they are seeking. This person wanted to know the difference between the right hand path, and left hand path.

i cant even begin to explain how i even became interested in the occult, metaphysics, and satanism, but i am though. I was hoping that you might explain to me a little more about the differences between the right and left hand paths of occult science and metaphysics. Ive always heard the phrase used but never really understood what it exactly meant.

My reply:
I’m glad that you are seeking to find your own answers, so asking questions is a good first step towards knowledge. the right hand and left hand are only general definitions which are used as a way to identify different practices in the occult. Some paths in the occult are characterized as right hand or left hand to indicate the methods or type of occultism. Practices like Wicca, Christianity, ceremonial magic are considered to be right hand, because they focus on healing or beneficial magic, or even theurgy [magic with Gods]. It’s main role is beneficial or supernatural.

Left hand path practices include satanism, black magic, certain paths of tantra and other methods which are focused on the self, or things that are related to destructive magic or taboo practices. People often characterize these as good and evil paths, but it can vary depending on the person’s role within that path. The main role of the left hand path is the flesh, earthly or mundane magick and desires. I covered some of these ideas in my essay, The Left-Hand Path at my website. But these are just labels and sometimes the label dosen’t always fit because there are variations in teachings and beliefs which make the model of right and left hand rather arbitrary, in the end.

He continues on:
There is a very strong thirst inside me to know and master the self i cant explain but i don’t know how to start. Ive done a lot of reading and theorizing but lack experience, so i am hoping you may be able to shed a little of your light.

The quickest route to gaining experience is to just jump in and do what you want to do, and keep moving. You will have successes and failures but you have to keep on trying. Magic is theory and practice, occultism is theory and practice. Books can only show you the map, but you have to make the journey..and learn along the way. Inspiration will come, if you try and put your theories into practice.

Blessed Beast,

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