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Magic in Satanism

Someone named Dirk from youtube sent me a very interesting question about the structure of Satanic magic and how it compares to other methods of magic from other occult disciplines.

in satanism, there are the 9 satanic statements, the 11 satanic rules of the earth, and the nine satanic sins that form the base or foundation of the satanic philosophy/way of life….as far as practicing magic it is up to the individual to learn or find whatever magical dicipline he/she can find… or, is there a specific set of diciplines that fall under the umbrella of satanism that one must study? i’ve seen that under the golden dawn there are certain subjects that they study such as astrology, qabalah, divination, skrying, astral work, tarot, etc… i know golden dawn cant claim authority of these arts/sciences, but they seem to have them pretty well outlined for study upon entry into their oranization. i was just wandering if there was a certain organization or what-have-you that is under the umbrella of satanism that has a similar layout of study. thanks, dirk

Dirk, there really is no specific method that all satanists can turn to, besides the teachings in the Satanic bible. Lavey’s idea of magic included simple ritual methods and tools that were commonly found in wicca and other occult disciplines. his associations of the satanic elements and the elements represented by the ritual tools are similar to hermetics. Lavey classified magic as either high or low depending on the style in which it was done. Either way it is generally accepted that this style of magic is psychological in nature.

The participants enter into an ‘intellectual decompression chamber’ which is a fancy way for saying that it is a basic form of simple, psychological magic meant to purge oneself of desire through symbolic acts.

Outside of this the satanist is left to choose amongst whatever studies they want to persue. I think that its great to be able to know and experience other styles of magic. I find that Chaos magic, similar to the style of Peter Caroll and Phile Hine work great because it is a method of magic which is not tied to one specific paradigm. Witchcraft is another alternative which is not specific in origin and can be used along with satanism with ease. You are free to be as eclecctic as you wish and persue the avenues of magic that you want.

The reason why the Golden dawn has specific studies is because it is a graded system of magic, whereas the magic from the satanic bible is meant for group purposes or for solitary practice. The practice of wicca is the same, there are lessons to be learned while levels are awarded. This is only useful if you seek to have some kind of structured learning experience, and you can find that with some satanic groups [specifically, at the HISS group]

What they teach in the golden dawn is specific to the message behind the work. You can experience the same thing if you are able to combine your magic practice in a way that will benefit your satanic philosophies.

Blessed Beast
Venus Satanas

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