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Why Choose Satanism

I would love to answer this question from a Youtube viewer, who asked me why I chose the path that I did.
“what made you decide to go for this ‘faith’? wouldn’t this have very bad reprecussions on the world like ‘letting the forces of evil win’ and destroy life as we know it?”

In all honesty, satanism is not a ‘faith’ to me. It is a philosophy that is based on reasoning, something that has nothing to do with the method of religion. Religion is faith based and requires a lack of reasoning. From a Satanist’s viewpoint, aligning with Satan is a way to align one’s self with the forces of nature, not against it.

As some satanists believe that Satan represents the forces of nature, or nature itself. Satanism promotes an enjoyment of life, an enjoyment of the here and now. your assumption that Satan is based on evil and the destruction of life, seems to be a ‘Christan’ point of view that Satan is in opposition to all that is good; while the satanist understands that Satan and what he represents is neither good or evil, it is what it is – nature, and human nature.

If anything, religios like christanity have taught that it is better to go against nature and human nature – they feel as if they are above nature, not a part of it and that their god wants them to deny the self the pleasures of living. Of course because it is the method of religion to create a belief for their followers, they assert that one’s own inner nature is ‘evil’ and therefore you have to be saved from this so-called evil.

I do not believe that human nature is inherently evil; but we do have violence and war on this planet that has absolutely nothing to do with Satan. The name ‘Satan’ means opposer, accuser and adversary – and these labels could describe anything that fits within their definition.
So, no I dont believe that Satan is unleashing the forces of ‘evil’ upon the earth. That is a religionist point of view, and something that I do not choose to associate with.



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