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A Pact with Satan

My latest essay at my website contains detailed information on how to make a pact with Satan. It follows my video, “A Pact with Satan” from youtube which describes a method of pact making. In my article, these ideas are expanded into a useful guide, including information that I was not able to put into my video because of the youtube time limit.

I think that making a pact with Satan is one way to solidify your relationship with Satan as a deity. It can also be important as a symbolic event, and a method of self-initiation for independent Satanists. Included with this is a discussion on the materials and items that you can use for your pact making ritual.

There are several other good essays on the net about pact making. One of these is from Theistic Satanist Diane Vera, and her essay Pacts and self-initiation, describing her method of making a pact with Satan, and another essay from nocTifer at the, On Concluding a Blood Pact with the Devil, Satan“. Both of these essays are very insightful and they should give you some direction and guidance on the methods of pact making.

And, here is my essay from> A Pact with Satan



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