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Are there Repercussions from Magic?

Sent to me tonight was an excellent question from a friend on Youtube, from Belgium. He asks if there are any repercussions from using magic.

“Is it true that when you hold a retual and you ask for things, or bring out spells that there’s a price to pay for that. I mean, for example, lets say that i ask to find true love, which i wouldn’t, ’cause i don’t believe in true love, but anyway, will i receive that but also have to pay a price for that, for example, losing someone else? If not, in what cases do you have to pay a price?” – Devid

Hi Devid
Its not a silly question; I understand what you are asking.I do not believe that this is a common practice in magic. What you will find is many misconceptions and myths about magic. on the ‘net I believe this is the case.

What you ask may be related to the ‘threefold law‘ which states that what you do will come back to you three fold. The threefold law is a moral measure that is used within wicca. .But this is a law of Wicca and some practices of paganism. It’s not a belief or practice that is widely found in the occult; it is something that is specific to certain traditions.

A ritual or spell, regardless of what type of spell or ritual it may be, is intended to influence an outcome. The magician’s task is to focus on this outcome and to make it manifest. This means 2 things:

1> the magician’s practices and path determine the methods of magic to be used.

2> there is no universal law governing the behaviour of magic

So if you do not want to practice magic that has repercussions for the magician, or a moralist foundation, then don’t choose a path or magic tradition that sets limitations on what kinds of spells you can cast.

Venus Satanas

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