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Demons! at Spiritual

What have I been up to? I took more than a few day’s break from blogging to put together something fantastic for my site. As you all know my webiste has been a collection of my writings for the past few years, and it is always taking shape into what I want it to become.. So my new series of Essays on Demons has been the next section that I’ve been adding to and creating.

Ahirman, the Persian Devil
Apollyon, the Greek Destroyer
Ha-Satan, the Adversarial Prototype
Iblis, and the Djinn
Prometheus, the Bringer of Light
Shub-Niggurath, The Black Goat

These articles are about specific demons or deities, that are often named as satan at some point in history, or they share the same type of ‘dark qualities’ of satanism. Some, like Shub-niggurath are conceptual and symbolic. These pages began a few years ago with my [long] article, ‘The Origins of Satan’. I always felt that this article was important, but in the end I decided that each of the deities and demons within it deserved a page of their own on my site. I do not believe that all of these deities are Satan. I am a theist, not a monotheist; there is more than one god[dess] in existence. At least, that’s my perspective. But, what I do know is that the mythology of these demonic beings have influenced Satanists. So, researching their history is important to me and important to others who are seeking knowledge.

Blessed Beast

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