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Good Books for Beginners

For my readers; I’m sure that you’ve seen that i haven’t posted in my blog in over a week. In fact, i could post here every day but I choose instead to post whenever the opportunity arises for me to share *useful* information with you. This means that i am focused on quality, not quantity in my blog posts.

On to the next bit of info!

Another question from a fan of mine. This person wants to know where to start with occult reading and practice. I have a few suggestions that may be helpful.

“I just wanted to say thank you for having this site available. I first became interested in Theistic Satanism several years ago when I stumbled upon Diane Vera’s website and Yahoo Groups. While the groups remained active, they were great for conversation. However, I don’t really know where to start. I’m perfectly fine in doing research, but I was also hoping you could point me in the direction of some good books for beginners. I know nothing of rituals or anything like that.”

Firstly, thank you dear reader for your kind words and recommendation. Also, Diane Vera’s site is full of very useful information and its a great place to start if youre looking for a varied approach to the art of Satanism and magic.

Now on to some advice:
My website and method of writing does not include a so-called ‘traditional system of magic’ or anything similar. This is different than other sites you may have visited, for several reasons:

1. I am an independent satanist. therefore, I do not have a specific tradition or method to promote. My site is focused on spirituality and magic as it relates to Satanism. It is not a place for dogma and religion.

2. because teach about independent satanism you will find that the sources and materials that i do use for example on my site are from various authors in the occult. I dont draw from only one teaching or method or idea to create magic, satanism or spirituality.

That being said, here are some books and resources that I would reccomend for those who are interested in independent methods of Satanism.

The Satanic Bible/Rituals/Witch by Anton LaVey et al. – Of course. The satanic bible is the ‘satanists primer’ so to speak and it gives an interesting view into the mindset of the culture of satanism. of course the methods of LaVey were specific to the satanic tradition that he was trying to create for his church so take what you can from his books and use it in a meaningul way. Laey was an important figure in satanism, but i do not believe that he was an ‘authority’. In fact, i dont believe there is any one singular ‘authorative’ voice in satanism because it is fractured into so many different views and methods. And this is why some who are new in satanism do not know in which direction to go – because they are used to being lead about and told what to believe – they might have come from a christianized or religious past. its time to leave that behind and explore deeper into what is available for Satanists and magicians..

Chaos Magic/Magick- Chaos magic is easy to perform, and its easy to understand. it is based on the methods of AO Spare, Peter Caroll and Phil Hine and similar authors. Chaos magic is a method of magic that is dependent on visualization, gnosis, integration and manifestation through simple symbolic acts. What is nice about chaos magic is that it is not dependent on one specific system or paradigm. So if you want to use fictional characters for your focus in magic and you know how to use them in an efficient way to gain results then have at it! but you will eventually find that chaos magicians are often displaced within the magic community because many feel that they lack the seriousness and discipline to really be magicians. I have a different view; the methods available to chaos magicians vary and they can be useful to those who know how to do them. its a modern construct of magic which was borne from the traditional ritual methods of magic from an earlier century.

Ritual Magicks – of course if you do not want to be an independent Satanist [ why?] there is always the option of joining a group or organization. within this structure you can have an opportunity to learn a method of ritual and magic which is guided by the beliefs held by the org. that you associate with. some orgs. have ritual grades where you ‘advance’ in your studies and/or complete tests to move to the next level. I will not recomend any groups in particular but you should know that the majority of these groups are most likely using methods of magic from various other traditions [ ie, crowley, K Grant, Caroll, LaVey, Mythology, etc.] that are put together into one system. So either way you will have a chance to learn about a variety of methods; but if you do join an organization you could be bound by what the cult’s leaders want to teach, wether you agree with their methods or not.

Independent Methods – For example, independent satanism as I have experienced it, is a journey and not a destination. A typical ‘spiritual answer’ you may say but this is entirely true. Satanism has been my path for many years. Early on I embraced the idea that a Satanist can use whatever methods or means necessary to manifest what they want into their life, be it in a physical/spiritua/magical way. To me, any system that was worth studying at the time that I felt would improve my abilities and understandings, i studied and practiced. When i wanted to get into Goetic Summoning,

I studied chaos magic – Servitors, sigils, and free methods of magic
‘magic without tears’, Agrippafor the understanding of the magical life,
Konstantinos Summoning Spirits- for experimentation
Hermetics and Franz Bardon to improve my inner intuitions;
Tarot and psychic studies/experiments – to improve my divination skills
Spell work, black magic, witchcraft study/practice
Mythology study, demonology study

I did not learn these things from ‘Satan’ or any other entity, nor were these things bestowed upon me by some deity. They are of my own making. Magic is a learned skill, and even if a person does have a natural talent for it they should learn how to use it in the best way possible. I am not also suggesting that these particular books will be of interest to you when it comes to making your own methods of magic.

All of these things that i practiced and experimented with had contained skills that I felt would improve my chances and abiities when it came time to get into Goetic Summoning. And i feel that my time was worth it. I had success and also failed experiments which were valuable to me as experience. I entered into summoning a few years later feeling empowered and enabled. With my abilities in magic and divination I was able to approach them with a different purpose.

But i had to create the ‘vision’ myself, piece by piece, and day by day – and it continues on. Like a journey with no beginning or ending.

~~ If you are interested in learning more about Independent Satanism then visit the Horde of Independent Satanists [ HISS ] group. You may find it to be a valuable resource for your studies

Venus Satanas

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