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Satanism and Morality pt. 2

This is a continuation of yesterday’s posts. I am replying to the comment that was left..

Now let me make something clear, you say that (quote)-“what you feel is right for you should be your choice” meaning Satanists think that all morals are subjective, therefore morals don’t exist at all.

You misunderstand your own statement. Subjective morals are self imposed morals, based on personal beliefs. Because they are subjective and personal, it does not mean that they do not exist.

For example if you try to blow the world up and I am a Satanist, I don’t have any rights to say that that is good or bad, since every person has it’s own goods and bads and I am OK with that even if other person’s action may personally affect me, this goes nowhere.

This situation you provide for an example is really theoretical, I dont know how it would apply to any real life situations.

Example: I think that doing A is wrong, you think its fine.

Sure, do we all have to agree to what others feel is right? Or instead, as satanists can we decide to make that decision on our own, regardless of how others feel or judge according to their personal morals?

I am intending to do A and my deed will affect you and of course will come in conflict with your morals. What should you do? Should you make me stop? You can’t do that because you think whatever I am thinking is morally correct, is fine because you can’t judge my morals, you can’t judge them from your point of view because my morals are for me alone and yours are for you only.

Unfortunately, this is how it goes. We each have individual consciousness.

So should you interfere with my actions just because you think it’s wrong but at the same time you think that it’s all right for me? No. But you will do it anyway because your instincts tell you to, you won’t let anybody kill you even if you think that there is nothing wrong with that, meaning your morals and beliefs come in conflict with your instincts, your very being, which is nonsense.

If all you are doing is living according to your instincts then you’re denying yourself the opportunity to use your intelligence. Intelligence is what separates us from the animals.

You see, basic Christian morals come in agreement with social laws of Christian countries, i personally believe that Christian morals are fine (well not entirely ofc), they are good for society and therefore for the individual himself, however i have to say that morality can’t always be objective because there always may be some sort of special cases when one will meet a dilemma when individual and society in total will come in conflict.

Are these laws good for a society because they are christian? Should laws be based on some kind of value system more deeper, and permanent, like ethics?

Now imagine a country with satanistic religion and laws, something like “do whatever u want”, which will be complete chaos. If you are a Satanist that means that you support chaos, which in turn means that you support everything that chaos may cause, imagine what would that be. I’m sorry but all your system crumbles like a house of cards.

I see no laws or orders in satanism that suggest, ‘do whatever you want’, to the detriment of self and others. There are many Satanists who don’t even care about ‘chaos’, or any kind of social order. There are many civilizations before this modern one that thrived without the ‘moral guidance’ of christianity. Perhaps a look into a history book will give you some insight into that fact.

Venus Satanas


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