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What is Satanism? What is Satanic Morality?

Greetings! I got another very interesting question about morality in Satanism. This question comes from Youtube, and he told me that he does not speak very good English, so I have posted his question as-is, below:

He asks me:
“so what i want to know, what is Satanism? i’ve heard different silly things about it and just now set I down and decided to find out the truth. what is a difference between atheists and Satanist? let me answer first and you correct me. “

An atheist is a person who does not believe in or accept the concept of god(s) as real. They have no spiritual beliefs.

A satanist, is a person who either symbolically or spiritually identifies with Satan.

Some Satanists are atheist, and have a symbolic view of Satan, and they also accept satanic philosophy, created by LaVey, others, or even the self. A spiritual satanist [theistic Satanist] accepts a spiritual and metaphysical view of Satan. These beliefs vary.. ‘Satanism’ is a broad term covering many areas.

He continues on:
“If satanists don’t believe in existence of Satan, then, basically, the Satanists just have their own morals, which does not match christianic morals. if this is true, then what exactly are those differences, are they in agreement with what’s called “objective morality”? like killing is wrong, robbing is wrong, raping is wrong etc. the moral that is good for the society in general. “

Did you know the ten commandments were originally inspired by the Egyptian book of the Dead? They were not a christian invention, but what they did was improve on this old knowledge and create it into something useful for them. and wrote that into the bible.

There are many satanists who are law-abiding, who do not kill or commit crimes. there are also some who do. this happens in any area of the population, whether christian, satanist, wiccan, pagan etc. it is not just confined to Satanism. Obviously there are some things that do hurt society and that is why they are punishable by law.

I do not think that religious morality should have anything to do with these social problems, its just common sense. There is a religious morality, and an ‘objective morality’ as he has described, and these Christian morals are meant for the christian religion and nothing more.

I do speak of LaVey often, but it’s obvious that he tried to set a precedent in what kinds of ethics that Satanists should have – and in the SB is mentioned parts about not killing or hurting an undeserved victim with what he called magic. In the end, what you feel is right for you should be your choice, and not based on the guilt that christian morality provides.

Along with this its wise to take into consideration the overall effect of your actions. You should be responsible for your choices, not out of fear of punishment from some divine being but because you know that you are responsible for your own destiny.


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