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Satanic Christians!

I discussed this idea with my nagasiva, friend and co-owner of the HISS. He asked me whats the difference between a satanic christian, and a christian satanist? I never got to answer him but I knew the question was important. So here is my theory on the matter:

What makes a Satanic Christian specifically, is one who uses traditional christian ideals while inverting their values and meanings. Their Satan is still dependent on the opposition to the christian god.

What makes a christian satanist, however can be different. they can accept the gnostic view that satan offered his help to humanity and that the christian god is the enemy of humankind or they can create their own myths about satan while using many aspects of christianity to identify with satan. The definitions really do depend on the degree of inversion and separation from the original christian beliefs. I discussed some of these ideas in my other post, “Satan: To Worship or not to Worship

Maybe its just semantics.. but there are some satanists who have what could be described as ‘traditional satanic’ or even fundamental satanic beliefs. They wear inverted crosses. They blaspheme or use inverted prayers. They address Satan as “father” like Christians refer to their god as Father god. Some associate Lucifer with Satan which is a christian belief. Their prayerful worship of Satan is a kind of servitude, much as it would be between a christian and their god. They have a christian concept of Satan, the Devil.

Some may try to argue that there is no Satan outside of christianity. but as we know, this is not entirely true. The concept of Satan emerged in Judaism as ha-satan who acted as a mediator to Job. the Christians took this story and developed their own ideas and meanings to what Satan represented to them.

And so it is with satanists ..Satanists have a much different experience of Satan than the chrisitans seem to. Perahps our dark perspective on Satan is more enligtened than theirs..


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