Satanic Sex!


The title got your attention, eh?.. This post is about a Youtube viewer who asked me to give him some clarity on sexual motivation recommended in the Satanic Bible. Here is his question:

[Satanic Bible] Under the chapter of “satanic sex” it says “if you are aware of all the implications, advantages, and disadvantages, and you are certain your actions will hurt no one who does not wish or DESERVE to be hurt, you have no cause to suppress your sexual preference”

My question is, why does he add “deserve to be hurt?” I ask this question because it could be confuse for rape, etc..

This could very easily be confused for rape. but, i think it in some cases this describes those who actually enjoy pain, like with the practices of BDSM and bondage, bloodletting, etc. So if a person is willing to be the ‘victim’ then there really is no issue if they are deserving or not.

“ are certain your actions will hurt no one who does not wish or DESERVE to be hurt

LaVeys statement is very open-ended.. as who ‘deserves’ to be hurt? It begs the question, are there those that deserve to be hurt, and who are they? LaVey described the typical victim of the Satanist in the SB.. a deserving target is one who has antagonized you or hurt you in some way and does not respond to you when you ask him/her to stop, ie. “if he does not stop, destroy him“. LaVey suggests that this be done through his destruction ritual. Technically in a situation of rape the attacker is not the victim of the crime getting revenge, and nobody is a deserving target of a crime like that.

And in LaVey’s sentence, I see that he may refer to this type of activity as a method of retribution, to intentionally hurt a lover, to make them jealous, or to get revenge. I do not see in his statement, ‘do whatever you want, regardless of the situation’. I see, instead in his statement his suggestion to be aware of your own motivations while pursuing activities like this. I say this because in the previous sentence he says to be aware of the possible consequences of your actions. Only with awareness of self can you act with a clear mind.

Then again, these are my interpretations of this statement, and I am not LaVeyan.



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    This ties into what the pornographic company 'Extreme Associates' was trying to do with their porn,I think.I don't watch a lot of porn(for a guy),but I am a fan of pornographic actress and director,Lizzy Borden(Janet Romano),wife and partner of EA's owner Rob Zicari.The Couple have been sentenced to a year and day in prison for violating 'obscenity' laws,something I refer to as a victimless 'crime'.The Porn they distributed was seen as violent,degrading and even had 'satanic' themes throughtout them.I'm not happy with the verdict,but I won't go into all the nasty particulars.All I want to say is,no one 'deserves'to be hurt.The old adage that 'she wanted it' is bullshit.However,there are those of us(and I do not claim to be one of them)that require a more 'extreme' response from a sexual partner,that may or may not be 'acceptable' in polite society.If Consenting Adults want to engage in and/or view more 'provocative'sexual activity,then so be it.I have always felt the government,church and society in general needs to stay the hell out of peoples bedrooms if no crime has been committed(anything non-consensual or involving children).Perhaps this is 'off topic' from the initial discussion,but I feel quite strongly about this.

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    I think the interpretation of LaVey's words is very much in the mind of the person reading them. For example when I read about the sex part, my mind did not go to violation but to 'revenge sex' even though I am neither a violator or the kind of person to engage in that specific kind vengeful behaviour. If someone is a violator by nature then they sadly probably will take his words in that way but then again need very little motive to rape someone, such is the nature of their psychosis.

    A 'revenge shag' to pay back someone who cheated on you is more complex as you probably feel that the person does deseve it, but again you have other people to consider when taking your revenge. If you are doing it with someone who is used to casual sex and understands there are no strings attached, that is very different to deceiving someone into having sex with you because they think you may care for them because that would be hurting an innocent bystander.

    Weather the person who cheated on you is worth going to the bother of a revenge shag? Probobaly not. I'm sure there are more productive ways to deal with a cheating partner.

    As far as 'destruction' goes, this could mean to destroy the person's psychological hold over you so that their behaviour ceases to irritate or if that person is annoying you with lies or blackmail, to destroy their reputation by exposing them for what they really are. I think this is what happens when politicians get caught out in a scam or an affair and they feel they are 'ruined' – they lose their status and authority.


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