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Satanic Sex!

The title got your attention, eh?.. This post is about a Youtube viewer who asked me to give him some clarity on sexual motivation recommended in the Satanic Bible. Here is his question:

[Satanic Bible] Under the chapter of “satanic sex” it says “if you are aware of all the implications, advantages, and disadvantages, and you are certain your actions will hurt no one who does not wish or DESERVE to be hurt, you have no cause to suppress your sexual preference”

My question is, why does he add “deserve to be hurt?” I ask this question because it could be confuse for rape, etc..

This could very easily be confused for rape. but, i think it in some cases this describes those who actually enjoy pain, like with the practices of BDSM and bondage, bloodletting, etc. So if a person is willing to be the ‘victim’ then there really is no issue if they are deserving or not.

“ are certain your actions will hurt no one who does not wish or DESERVE to be hurt

LaVeys statement is very open-ended.. as who ‘deserves’ to be hurt? It begs the question, are there those that deserve to be hurt, and who are they? LaVey described the typical victim of the Satanist in the SB.. a deserving target is one who has antagonized you or hurt you in some way and does not respond to you when you ask him/her to stop, ie. “if he does not stop, destroy him“. LaVey suggests that this be done through his destruction ritual. Technically in a situation of rape the attacker is not the victim of the crime getting revenge, and nobody is a deserving target of a crime like that.

And in LaVey’s sentence, I see that he may refer to this type of activity as a method of retribution, to intentionally hurt a lover, to make them jealous, or to get revenge. I do not see in his statement, ‘do whatever you want, regardless of the situation’. I see, instead in his statement his suggestion to be aware of your own motivations while pursuing activities like this. I say this because in the previous sentence he says to be aware of the possible consequences of your actions. Only with awareness of self can you act with a clear mind.

Then again, these are my interpretations of this statement, and I am not LaVeyan.


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