Venus Satanas 2017Welcome to my about me page where I get to tell you about my Spiritual Satanist Blog.

My name is Venus Satanas, I discovered Satanism back in 1992 when I was at my local library. I had always had an interest in all things magical and mysterious. So, when I first discovered Satanism, I found something that really made sense to me. Satanism was something that I could personally relate to; it was how I saw the world, and now there was a name for it – Satanism!

At the library that day I had found the book, The Church of Satan, detailing the history of the Church and what Satanism stood for, at least from a LaVeyan perspective. I didn’t actually get to read the Satanic Bible until some time later, in ’95 but by then I had already developed my own way of working with Satan and Satanism. In the early 90’s the internet was a new thing and there wasn’t many resources for those looking for Satanism so we had to find it through other means.

I’ve always been a spiritual kind of person so working with Spiritual Satanism has allowed me to be who I want to be without the strings that come attached with religious Satanism. I have always been independent as well, choosing to not join any organizations or groups.

I started writing about Satanism in 2004 at my Spiritual Satanist site, helping others to discover the awesome path of Satanism. In 2009, I started writing for the Spiritual Satanist Blog to supplement my website. This blog is a social commentary on Satanism in general, with my own thoughts on the movement as I have experienced it throughout the years.

I also started up a youtube channel in 2007, after noticing the popularity of the medium. Back then there were virtually no Satanists making videos. And, in 2009, I was published in Women’s Voices in Magic by Immanion Press. I have also done numerous interviews throughout the years, and my writings have also had academic mention.

In addition to all of this, I also review books on Satanism and the Left Hand Path at the Left Hand Path Books Blog. It has become a useful resource for people who want to explore Satanism and the Left Hand Path.

You can also read my thank you letter to my fans at my Spiritual Satanist website, a letter that I wrote in October 2017, after writing for Satanism for 13 years.