The Black Mass – What is the Purpose?

Another great question sent to me from a youtube viewer. This person, who is a christian, wants to know about the purpose of the black mass, and what it means to satanists.

“I came across your you tube videos a week a two ago and find them quite fascinating (I am actually a christian – I’m a practicing catholic – Catholics and satanists both like ritual and imagery!). I watched the Black Mass

one a few times at the weekend and have a couple of questions.

The first is about blasphemy. You said something about using blasphemy in the ritual – do you mean the ritual itself, as worshiping another God is blasphemous to a christian,or do
you mean something else?

The other was empowerment – you seemed to be saying that the ritual led to personal empowerment – is that the objective? I’ve never come across that idea in religion – striving for goodness,or communion with God is I guess what I was taught are the aims of religion.

Does a satanist strive for communion with Satan?“

Thank you for watching my vids, by the way. many have wrote to me and thanked me for presenting my ideas without being judgmental against other faiths. this is because i am more interested in how religion works, than in what people believe about it.

Ritual and imagery is found in most practices of the occult, especially within organized religions and orders. However some occult practices, and even some satanists do not use ritual or imagery at all. examples of this are found in chaos magic where there is no specific tradition or method that is used to create magic, and philosophical or atheistic satanism, which may not recommend any ritual at all.

The blasphemy in the Black mass of the Satanists is based on what it represents to the satanists. not all satanists have the same practices and beliefs, so what is blasphemous to one person, may not be to another person. Not all satanists have the same attitude towards the practice of blasphemy,either. some resort to it so that they can connect with the powers of Satan., this is satanic worship on a very basic level. Satanist who worship Satan through christian blasphemy can be described as reverse Christians. i know this may sound odd, but it’s not, its a reversal of christian values, and a projection of Satan as god, and often it is the christian god who becomes evil and laughable, and through this blasphemous worship is performed.

I call this satanism on a ‘basic level’ because it is Christianity that is veiled with the pretense of satanism. Within the black mass, blasphemy is used as a tool, and a means to an end. To answer your question plainly, if one is seeking to ally with Satan, and is performing a black mass, the blasphemy that is performed is not blasphemy against the christian god for worshiping another god. It is blasphemy because it is the ridicule of one’s former religion. the best and most satisfying way to leave a former belief system is to destroy it’s psychological hold by making a ritual that casts doubt upon it;s meaning and use in one’s life, in a way that mocks it’s hold upon one’s heart and spirit.

It is through the denial of the religion or belief system of the past, this death of former beliefs, that allows the satanist to move forward, renewed with a purpose that is self created. This is where the concept of self empowerment comes into play. it may be difficult as a christian for you to understand this concept, but many satanists believe in and practice the method of free will. this will is set free when the satanists decides to leave the former restricting beliefs of the past. Once these beliefs are no longer used the true self can emerge over time. This is the mechanism of self empowerment that is often found in independent Satanists, who ally with Satan for mutual benefit.

Your last question: ‘Do satanists strive for communion with Satan?’ Some do. they worship and pray to their god, whether it is a christian version of Satan or some other pre-christian satanic archetype [Set]. They may choose to recognize Satan as the only god and be devoted worshipers. Some Satanists are not dependent on Satanism as a religion, and many do not worship Satan as a god. for me, I am theistic and spiritual, I do recognize Satan as a god, but i am allied with Satan for my causes, and I have no need to worship a force that I am allied with.