How do I Pray to Satan?

Satanic PrayerThis question is often asked in Spiritual Satanism, how does one pray to Satan? Prayer is a spiritual act that connects you to a force greater than yourself. Prayer can seem mysterious because you are sending your heartfelt message out there to the universe, hoping that Satan will listen. But, prayer doesn’t have to seem like a mystery. It can be a useful basic spiritual tool to help you to connect with the force of Satan.

Prayer can be a useful part of your spirituality in Satanism. Prayer can allow you to connect with the force of Satan, and to be guided by his power. The act of prayer can bring you comfort in times of need. Prayer can also focus your mind and bring you clarity. Prayer can give you a reason to stay true to your path and yourself. And prayer can also help you to feel closer to Satan.

In Spiritual Satanism you are not required to pray to Satan. There are no rules that state that prayer should be a part of your Satanic life. But if you do decide to use prayer, know that prayers to Satan are so much more than just a means to obtain what you want. Prayer is a two way street, a form of communication with the spiritually divine.

How to Pray to Satan

The basics of prayer to Satan are simple; you have to say the words not just with your mind but in your heart as well. You have to feel them in your heart, with your will. You have to know that when you pray to Satan, you are speaking with him, rather than at him. If you are sincere Satan will hear what is in your heart.

So, whether prayer is a part of your daily routine or you use it for special occasions, use this time to spiritually connect with Satan in your own private way. Open your heart to communication with Satan and you will soon see the benefits of being in spiritual union with the force of Satan.

Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book: Infernal Reflections

For those of you who want to make Satanic prayer a part of your daily life, read about my new book, the Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book: Infernal Reflections. The Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book shows you how you can use prayer as a tool to become closer to Satan, Lucifer, Lilith and Belial.

Stop wondering how to connect with Satan when it’s just as easy as saying and feeling the mindful prayers that you will find in this book. This is a pocket sized book that you can take with you anywhere! Visit the Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book: Infernal Reflections page at the Spiritual Satanist site to find out more.

Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book

Prayers for Satan:

Today, I posted two prayers that you can use in your own journey in Satanic Spirituality. Visit the Satanic Prayers for Devotion page at

Have you found prayer to be useful in your own Satanic path? What kinds of prayers do you use?

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