Review: The Demonic Bible

Ahhh.. The Demonic Bible… a mysterious tome written by the Disciple of the Dark Lord, and the AntiChrist, Magister Tsirk Susuej. According to his account, his un-holy guardian angel, Azazel revealed these invocations to him and inspired him to write this book.

I met Tsirk back in 2005. We talked through emails and we discussed ideas about Satanism. At the Time he was running a Luciferian organization, [The Embassy of Lucifer] and he approached me and asked me to host his book at my website. Tsirk was the protege of the Satanic Magician, Yaj Nomolos – He wrote several books [including, The Magic Circle]. Yaj Nomolos had ties with the original Church of Satan in the 80’s.

The Demonic Bible is a bare-bones guidebook of incantations and invocations. It is meant to be used as a guide to inner understanding of the dark and animalistic aspects of the soul. Through the invocations of demons, vampires, the undead and werewolves, the author takes you on an inner journey through the subconscious. These invocations are related to the dark and dangerous associations of the Left Hand Path.

How you use this book is up to you. My interpretation is that this book can be used to introduce the subconscious to these demonic forces, by identifying with the imagery and associations of the left hand path through a series of rituals. If you are seeking to understand or experience these aspects, then this book could be a great introduction for you.

The latest 4th revised edition can be found at amazon.

Link: The Demonic Bible

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