What is Satanic Enlightenment?

In this post I am going to answer some of the questions that were sent to me by one of my readers. I hope that these answers will give him something good to think about, and it may inspire others as well who are looking to find answers for similar questions. Parts of his message are in italics.

Hello! I am fairly new to Satanism – so new that I’m not even sure that I would consider myself a Satanist. But, I have some questions that need to be answered about this particular subject that will hopefully make everything a little bit clearer for me. I have been studying Taoism and Zen and Indian philosophy and philosophy in general quite religiously for the past couple of years and I’ve gotten to a point, I think, where I can read something written by someone like Zhuangzi and think: “I totally agree with that. My world view is exactly like his world view.”

But, the problem here is that I have not changed. I’ve just gotten smarter – I have not experienced any sort of enlightenment or what the Zen Buddhists call satori, which is SUDDEN enlightenment. And there’s nothing else for me to read or do; I’ve read most of the sutras and the texts and I’ve done all sorts of yogas and meditations. And yet – nothing. So, because of this, I’m moving away from these eastern religions and moving towards a more esoteric occultist path that will hopefully lead me to some sort of enlightenment.

As i understand it, and i am no master of eastern philosophy, in order to really be taught their methods, you have to have a guru or teacher that can show you specific methods of meditation, mantras, and guidance. without this it can be very experimental and it’s no surprise that you weren’t able to get what you wanted out of it, with no guidance there to help you in person. And, im not saying that your practices were a waste of time, only that you weren’t doing it according to a traditional method [which would mean having a teacher or guru]. All is not lost though, you can take this knowledge that you have learned so far and apply it to your life in other ways. It has gotten you this far, so why not journey on?

And this is where this email becomes more relevant to you. I heard about this thingy called Chaos Magic, thought it was interesting, looked it up on youtube, found your video about
the subject, saw you were pretty smart, and so I would like to ask you about enlightenment from a Satanic perspective.

I guess my first question is do you see anything out of ordinary – something supernatural – while being a Satanist? For instance, have you seen actual demons or Satan himself?

No, i don’t physically ‘see’ demons. if you mean when i summon them that they appear in my room with smoke and writhing serpents… no.. its difficult if not downright impossible to manifest something that is spiritual into the physical plane. those who claim that they have seen things are most likely experiencing a vision, rather than actually seeing something in the physical. And since this vision originates within the mind it can take on characteristics and qualities of the person having the vision. the mind will interpret this spiritual experience through the subconscious.

Seeing them is not really important to me. what is important is that I get what i want in a reasonable amount of time. i know that they are present from the changes in my environment. but, it’s not easy to do nor is it really useful if you do not have a specific purpose in mind, while you are doing what you’re doing. physical manifestation is not really a priority for me, and i have used summoning enough to know that i have no need to seek proof of their existence.

And my second question is what is enlightenment, if there is any, from a Satanic perspective? How are you any different than you were before you became a Satanist?

I don’t know if I am any different. i have been a satanist for 17 years, so there’s nothing else for me to compare it to. Satanic enlightenment only comes through living the satanic life. to be enlightened is to have knowledge. as a satanist you build and shape your world in the way that you want, you create your life according to your desires. Along the way you become enlightened to the knowledge of the self.

From your writings it seems to me that you are searching for some sort of instantaneous enlightenment, like a life shattering experience.. it is possible to have life changing experiences within satanism. It takes time, focus and experimentation. My black mass, and my re-initiation in 2004 was very important and both rituals set my life in a new direction, and through this i have found enlightenment, or knowing. But this took a long time to happen for me. It’s like building a mountain one stone at a time. You have to start with a foundation and work with that until you are where you want to be, and then you keep going. this is difficult for those who are constantly seeking guidance. you have to be your own compass and you make your own road. You are your own best teacher. I hope that you can use some of your zen principles to help you understand satanism in a new light.

And my last question is: is the goal of Satanism to become like God? The reason I ask this is because Satanism praises Satan and Satan fell from Heaven because he tried to overthrow God. Satan offered Adam and Even knowledge of good and evil, setting them on the path towards godliness. If then that the goal of Satanism is to become like God, then I have to go find a new path.

firstly, not all of satanism praises the christian tale of Satan and his ‘fall’. that is a christian teaching, not a satanic one. to some satanists, Satan is a force of chaos, or represented by Pan, or Set, or other pagan gods. Satanists believe various things about Satan, when it comes to the meanings and origins.

If you get a chance, study the beliefs of the ophidian gnostic, who revered the serpent as wise, and the saviour of humanity, and who they considered god, or ialdabaoth to be evil, and against humanity. what most people do not consider is that not all religions have the same beliefs.

In the teachings of LaVey, there is a statement that says ‘all gods were created by men’. a friend of mine, and co-administrator of HISS, [nagasiva] pointed out to me that LaVey was obviously inspired by Crowley, who taught that ‘every man is a god’. a lot of satanists share this theory, to this day. . I have yet to see any type of real or reliable documentation that tells the exact process on how this is done. i think this is because it is something that is implied, and I will explain why.

To be ‘as a god’ is not a literal expression. we are human beings and as such we have human limitations. but, we are not limited by our own consciousness and reasoning, and we have the ability to exercise free will. I think that it is this element of free will that opposes the majority of religious teachings that suggest the opposite – that we should be subservient to our environment and its causes. satanism is the path of domination and a person is able to dominate or control their lives as they will. It is the difference between spending one’s life in service to a god, or seeking to develop yourself for your own self interest. Will you be a follower or a leader? the choice is up to you.

Venus Satanas

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