Incense for Satanic Ritual

The other day a fan wrote to me and requested a blog post of me – about what incense to use in Satanic Ritual. His request came at an opportune time. Ive been creating more writings on the Elements in Satanic witchcraft, and this leads into the planetary associations, the ritual tools, the oils.. So creating this system of associations for Incense was something that I was going to develop along the way.

Well, Ive worked on this list for two days now. I researched the associations that Agrippa wrote about in his Books of Occult Philosophy. I wanted to see what he knew about the planets and their appropriate aromatic qualities. It was no surprise that when i looked at his list and used it for comparison of other author’s lists [like Scott Cunningham Oils and Brews, for instance] that most of the associations for magical aromas has remained the same for centuries. That is why I like Agrippa’s writings, because so many magicians have sourced their ideas from him.

While I was creating the list, i knew that I wanted to include a 7 planet system. So using Agripp’s wording, i began creating the first basic list which included only five planets. Those were the planets that were known to Agrippa in his era.

I had not given this much consideration until recently. Ive used all of the aspects of these planets in my magic but I have not attempted to record this until now.

First, an illustration of the listing of planets and their order and numbers.

3 Saturn 3 Pluto
4 Jupiter 4 Neptune
5 Mars 5 Uranus
6 Sun 6 Saturn
7 Venus 7 Jup..

So as you can see the planets that Agrippa did not know about actually fit into this planetary cycle quite nicely. Problem solved..

Next is my list of Planetaries and the Incenses and Herbs associated with them – The first line is Agrippa’s listing and below that is the types of Incenses that I would personally associate with each planet. Some are unique to my practices and methods, and are oils and incenses that I have used in my magic and rituals.

These are only my interpretations of the planetary energies and their demonic associations. Use them as you will.

1. Sun
2. Mercury
3. Venus
4. Mars
5. Jupiter
6. Saturn
7. Moon

Patchouli (Satanic magic, Lust, spirituality, Focus, grounding, cursing)
Earth (grounding, focus)
Forest Pine (cleansing, Money Drawing)
Witch’s Brew (spiritual and Earthy)
Basil (honesty, truth, commandment, Money)
Cypress (Limitations, Learning, causing loss)
Mother Earth (Renewal, stability, worship)
Evergreen (cleansing, Money Drawing)
Ivy (Cooperation, or discord)
Oak Moss (Drawing Money, gain)

Vanilla (Luciferian Magic, Mental powers, Knowledge, Calming)
Sandalwood (spirituality, Calming, Clearing, Focus)
Egyptian Sandalwood (enlightenment, meditation)
Lemon (communication, clarity)
Lemon & Lime (communication, clarity)
Lavender (Protective, Healing, Attraction)
Garden Mint (Cleansing, Renewing, Money)
Lemongrass (Desire, Lust, the Mind)
Sage (Wisdom, knowledge, Clear mind)
Spiknard (Good Luck, Attraction)
Cedarwood (Money Drawing, Meditation, Fortune)
Absinthe: (Necromancy, if burnt with sandalwood as an incense)
Blueberry (aids in causing strife)

Cinnamon (Belial Magic, attack, force, fire, cleansing)
Clove (lust, Confusion, Benefit)
Dragon’s Breath (protection)
Dragon’s Blood (protection, force, spirituality)
Cinnamon Clove (desire, lust, manifestation)
Aloe Vera (soothing, spirituality)
Sunflower (happiness, pleasure)
Amber (focus, manifestation, attraction, trust)
Frankincense (spirituality, meditation, knowledge)
Musk (desire, lust, aphrodisiac)
Orange (clarity, knowing)
Juniper (force, protection)

Jasmine (Lilith Magic, Love, attraction, distracting enemies)
Night Queen (romance, secrets, persuasion)
Forbidden Apple (desire, manifestation, discord)
Aphrodesia (attraction, unity, lust)
Rose (beauty, spirituality, truth, heartbreak)
Violet (temptation)
Myrrh (stability, focus, cleansing, renewing)
Kush (lust, sweetness, desire)
Honey (sweetening, increase, gain)
Cupid (love spells, attraction, harmony)

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About :LaVey’s Correspondences….

People will read this and ask, ‘Where is Leviathan?’. I ask, why use LaVey’s works when you are not LaVeyan. Consider that what he presented in his book is meant to be symbolic, not spiritual or magical…I am creating my own system here, as any creative magician would.

Leviathan – that is LaVeys correspondence, chosen from the Book of Abramelin. Its actually Crowley’s correspondence, and it had nothing to do with Satanism as we know it today. The book of Abramelin was not written for Satanic purposes. It was a book that allowed the magician to do certain rituals that lead them to find their Holy Guardian Angel!  LaVey chose the four crown princes from that book, and unfortunately, Satanists accept it as truth, without doing the research.

Not only that, the four ‘princes’, have no feminine element, so they do not accurately reflect much at all when it comes to a realistic reflection of nature. Without the feminine element, there is no element of creation, emotion, heart, life, and the many other things that woman and the feminine represent.

If you notice, my correspondences align with planetary energies, and within a system like this, it accurately reflects the masculine and feminine, the receptive and the projective..

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