Welcome to my about me page where I get to tell you about all the great projects that I’ve got going on!

My name is Venus Satanas, I discovered Satanism back in 1992 when I was at my local library. I had always had an interest in all things magical and mysterious so when I first discovered Satanism I found something that really made sense to me. It was something that I could relate to; it was how I saw the world, and now there was a name for it – Satanism!

At the library that day I had found the book, The Church of Satan, detailing the history of the Church and what Satanism stood for, at least from a LaVeyan perspective. I didn’t actually get to read the Satanic Bible until some time later, in ’95 but by then I had already developed my own way of working with Satan and Satanism. In the early 90’s the internet was a new thing and there wasn’t many resources for those looking for Satanism so we had to find it through other means.

I’ve always been a spiritual kind of person so working with Spiritual Satanism has allowed me to be who I want to be without the strings that come attached with religious Satanism. I have always been independent as well, choosing to not join any organizations or groups.

This blog is a commentary on Satanism in general, with my own thoughts on the movement as I have experienced it throughout the years. I started writing about Satanism back in 2004, when I created my first site, “Theistic Satanism and Magick”. Eventually I got it hosted for real in 2009 and changed the name to “SpiritualSatanist.com”. This is where you can read articles that I have written about Spiritual Satanism, demonology and magic practices.

I started up a youtube channel in 2007, after noticing the popularity of the medium. Back then there were virtually no Satanists making videos. Eventually my channel grew and I am now the most subscribed to Satanist on Youtube! Yeah!

I also have worked with a project called Left Hand Path Books for several years. My love for writing and reading has enabled me to reach out into the left hand path to find and collect these kinds of books into one resource