Internet Satanism – Is it Enough?

Internet Satanism

Internet Only Satanism? Is it enough? This topic is often discussed in Satanist chatrooms.
Some of you may feel that its too difficult to be a Satanist while you are offline. While you are online, you can hide behind an identity, and talk with your Satanic friends. But offline you are faced with living in a world full of Christians and other peoples that will never share your beliefs. This article explores what can you do to remedy this, and it asks the fundamental question: is online Satanism good enough?

Let’s start by reviewing some facts. There are [potentially] thousands of Satanists. Indeed, our numbers are growing. But our social presence offline isn’t growing at all. There are no physical churches, no brick and mortar buildings that we can gather in  to express our Satanism. The largest Satanic organization doesn’t even have  a physical church. Read my other blog post: Why Satanism Does not have Churches.

Mostly, we meet online where we discuss our satanism among ourselves. The anonymous nature of the internet allows us to do what we like, even build online presences and websites without our friends and family offline knowing who we are. In some ways this is very beneficial. We live in a world that is full of hatred it seems, where people have been killed over their religion just because it was something that people feared or disliked. It happens all over the world in religions other than Satanism.

Not all of us only have an online presence in Satanism. Some of us, myself included, also have an offline presence in Satanism. I wear my pentagram both on my body and as jewelry on a regular basis. My co-workers at my former workplace also knew that I was a Satanist. I have nothing to hide. I feel that I have to immerse myself in Satanism totally in order for me to really appreciate it. But I totally understand that not everyone can be like this.

There is a balance to be found  between both extremes- it means having the ability to bring Satanic philosophies and beliefs into your life. It means living by the virtues and vices that you hold dear. It means not sacrificing your self in order to please others all the time. Where there is a will, there is a way. You can also incorporate worship into your life, and ritual as well.

Being an online-only Satanist does not make you any less of a Satanist but it does prevent you from experiencing all the good things that Satanism has to offer. Perhaps try and diversify your efforts and you may see that you experience less stress in your life because you will start living for what you want. Isn’t that what matters in Satanism?