What Makes a Real Satanist?

What makes a person a real Satanist? Here is a very important question sent to me by a Youtube viewer. He asked me about the path of Satanism, and what qualifies a person as a Satanist.

“ms. satanas…let me ask you,

at what point did you say or you knew without a doubt that you were a satanist? was it the completion of a certain ritual, or just a personal declaration to the principles, theories, and ideas of satanism, or what? i can read books, watch videos and listen to lectures, but that, i dont believe that would qualify me as a satanist. so i was just wondering, what is that point, that thing that makes one a satanist. “

What qualifies a person as a Satanist?
I do not think that there are any overall rules that allow for a Satanist to be declared as a Satanist. There are organizations that can take your money and give you a membership card, and through this you can declare yourself as a Satanist. In my view that is not a reliable indication of Satanism, its only a declaration that you belong to a Satanic social organization.

Also, Satanism does not have the same advantage as other neo-pagan or Wiccan groups. Satanist organizations are isolated and most of them do not have physical places of worship. they can not offer an initiation to new members through ritual. Many initiations into Satanism are self-initiated because of this. I think this is proper, because Satanism is an individual practice.

I suppose, to answer his question, I have to go back to 1992, when I did my first ritual. This ritual was a summoning and a pact with Satan. After making the pact, I felt that I was allied with Satan. It was a self-initiation into Satanism as well. But I really couldn’t call myself a Satanist or feel that I was a Satanist until I started putting Satanic ideals into practice in my life. It was through living the philosophy of Satanism that I was able to identify with Satan on a personal level and experience working with the Satanic energy in my life.

That took a long time to achieve. Years of experimentation. It all comes down to how dedicated you are to what you want to manifest. That being said, I do believe that this type of dedication is what separates the curious Satanist and the dabbler from the serious student of the dark arts and the ones that are fully dedicated to Satanism.

Reading about Satanism and watching videos does not make one Satanic. However, if you are able to learn and increase your knowledge and then apply that to your life in strategic ways, and results manifest for you, then you will know that you are living the Satanic life. This is much more than just reading and following what others say; it involves a creative effort and determination to manifest your will according to what you want. You have to create a life built from Satanic principles that you find to be true.

If Satanism is only a hobby or passing interest then how can it be taken seriously or applied to a person’s life in a meaningful way? Satanism is a religion, a philosophy and a spiritual way of life. So I think that to answer his question, it comes down to sincerity and dedication, and that is true for any occult art.

Everyone wants to identify with something that is great. But identifying with Satanism without study, dedication and practice only means that you are curious or using the label for entertainment value. It calls into question, who is a true Satanist? can such a person be found if Satanism is such a diverse practice?

I think its possible. A real Satanist will be obviously identified by the works and the deeds in their life. They will be known by the measure of their success in whatever they do. The proof is found in the lives of people who identify with satanism. Any true indication of Satanism is reflected in the life of the Satanist.

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