Walpurgis Night – Spring Eve

Another Satanic Holiday that is well known amongst Satanists, is the night of Walpurgis Eve. This was a pre-christian holiday that was eventually taken over by the Roman Church who had named it after Saint Walpurga. It was a day when bonfires were built to ward away the spirits of the dead. This holiday is also associated with the spring celebration of Beltane, celebrated by some Wiccans. It is celebrated in Europe with festivals and prank-playing, and is also known as the Easter fires. The next day is Spring day, or May day [May First]

This is a Satanic Holiday, because it was on this night, that Anton LaVey established the Church of Satan. He considered Walpurgis night to be the “most demonic holiday of the year”, besides Halloween. According to him “when witches and devils roam the earth, orgiastically glorifying the fruition of the Spring equinox: Walpurgisnacht, the night of April 30th—May 1st.”

So, according to tradition, LaVey shaved his head during the ritual of the founding of the church, in a theatrical move that was to represent the executioner’s look. Along with this was an incantation that ‘rejected the holy trinity and the spiritual life in favor of one devoted to Hell and material pursuits.’

From this, LaVey declared the Aeon of Satan, and 1966 Year One, Anno Satanas

References: Brief History of the Church of Satan

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