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The Familiar Spirit and It’s Role in Satanism

Today's topic is an exploration of the familiar spirit in magic. A familiar is an animal that is more than just a pet; it...

5 Ways to Improve your Occult Practice Right Now

Today, I would like to suggest five different ways that you can use to help you to focus on your occult practices. Focusing on...

Casting Magic Without Candles

Some who want to use magic can not burn candles on their magical altar, either due to circumstances beyond their control, or even for...

Spiritual Satanism

advantages of satanism

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages of Being a Satanist?

This post explores some of the advantages in Satanism, and disadvantages of Satanism. These are common ideas that you will find in Satanism that...

What is the Difference Between Spiritual Satanism and Theistic Satanism?

Today I am discussing the main difference between Spiritual Satanism and Theistic Satanism. The two are often confused for each other but they are...
Satanic Prayer

How do I Pray to Satan?

This question is often asked in Spiritual Satanism, how does one pray to Satan? Prayer is a spiritual act that connects you to a...