It’s Satan’s Day, Celebrate!

Today, April 11th is Satan’s day. I call this Satan’s day because its the day that all satanists should take a moment to pay respect to Satan. April 11th is a Satanic Holiday, it is Anton LaVey’s birthday, and according to the ‘satanic tradition’ of egoism, the birthday is the most holy day of all.

Additionally, this day falls on a Saturday [Saturn] and Luna is in the house of Scorpio tonight, as well! These are the dark, occult associations on this Satan’s day.

So take some time to think about how Satanism has benefited you. Consider some of the works of the dark Brother LaVey and his impact on Satanism:

1. How he brought Satanism out of the darkness and into the public eye, by organizing and being in the media.

2.”The Satanic Bible” created in 1969, gave us rituals and a black mass, and Satanic invocations, and Satanic literature.

3. LaVey’s book has inspired so many Satanists in this world, and introduced the concepts of Satanism to many.

4. Consider how many groups and orders and Satanists who have been proud to call themselves Satanists, due to the efforts of Anton LaVey’s introduction to Satanism as a philosophy.

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Dark Moon Merchant