On Leaving Christianity, Reader Q & A

Infernal Greetings! Today’s Satanism question sent to me by email comes from a person named “Q” who asks:

Leaving Christianity for Good

“I became a Satanist but then I had a relapse into Christianity. I want to find a way to keep Satan in my life and I hope that you had some advice on leaving Christianity. Any advice that you could give I would greatly appreciate…

A very appropriate question for this time of year, when people are trying to live their lives in a better way because of the new year.

It’s a question I get asked often, so I would like to share it here on the Spiritual Satanist blog. Quite some time ago, I had written an article on my Spiritual Satanist site addressing this topic, My Advice on Leaving Christianity, where I discuss the methods that can be used to leave your former religion.

Also, there is a supplemental video on YouTube, “Satanic Black Mass”, describing what happens at a black mass and the usefulness of this ritual for those leaving Christianity. Hopefully these resources may help to give some insight.

People leave Christianity for various reasons. Some are disenchanted with the religion. Others had suffered abuse, and still other seek freedom from the limitations that Christianity provides. One of the things that i recommend is to do a personal ritual that will enable you to let go of your past. This ritual is called a Black Mass, and essentially it allows you to mock, or destroy your beliefs in your former religion. It is necessary to deconstruct something like this so that you can understand why it is important to leave it behind. Once you see it in a ridiculous or useless light it may open your eyes and allow you to step away.

An example of the Black Mass can be found in the Satanic Bible (At Left Hand Path Books site), where it is presented as an inversion of the Catholic mass. The Black Mass serves as a cleansing from your former religion allowing you to move forward. Until you can reconcile this you may be tempted to return out of fear, guilt or obligation. Getting rid of the old will enable you to welcome the new.

Satanism is not an easy path, and it is difficult because much of what you will do in it you will have to do on your own. Nothing good ever came from anything that was easy and Christianity may seem like the easy way out because it is familiar. That familiarity makes you want to not even try, to go back to your old ways where you were comfortable because you knew what to expect.

I suspect that the reader, “Q” is a religious kind of person, so taking a religious approach may help as well. It would be wise to set up a time and place to have private, spiritual communion with Satan on a daily basis. Perhaps some sort of shrine or altar, something simple to start out with, can be your focus.

Even if it is something as simple as having a photograph in a frame and a candle to light or incense to burn while you commune with Satan can be beneficial. It will give you a focus that is planted here in the material world. Take some time to get to know the character and nature of Satan. This can be done by spending time daily reading about Satanic legends. There are many stories that tap into the primal dark force that can relate to Satan, and learning from these may enable you to facilitate a better relationship with Satan. Knowledge will liberate your mind and soul.

Make yourself familiar with these things and you will find that you are creating your own path in Satanism and in time, this will be a familiar and welcome thing. Until you are able to completely walk away from your former religion you may be tempted to return. You must be honest with yourself and strip away any pretense.

Take some time to examine why you feel tempted to return to your former religion, but at the same time, take note of why you were unhappy to begin with. If the cons outweigh the pros, then it makes no sense to go back to something that isn’t benefiting you. If what you seek is happiness then work towards those goals. Take the time to know why you want to return to Satanism.

Write these things down in a book and refer to them when you feel uncertain. It seems simple but just the act of writing it out can be a useful exercise that will help to cement these ideas. In dealing with guilt and fear left over by a former religion, one must realize that guilt and fear are the things that motivate people into submission. It is a tool of the religious to keep people within the fold, to guide people into behaving in certain ways.

And in leaving this behind you will find a new freedom that nothing can match. But first you must rid yourself of the past in order to be able to move on, and you also should establish new habits that will help you to stay on track.

Blessed Beast!
Best Wishes in 2017,
Venus Satanas

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Leaving Christanity for Good

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