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The Circle of the Art [Summoning]

I am moving my articles from the Art of Summoning website, to here on my blog. I want to improve on the success of my blog by adding these articles. In a few weeks my art of Summoning website will no longer host these articles.

The Circle in Ceremonial Magic

The magic circle is known as the Circle of the Art in the Grimoire of Solomon. The Circle is inscribed into the ritual area, and used as a boundary between the magician and the spirits, keeping them at bay with the protection of inscribed talismans and incantations. The circle of the art is also used to draw upon the power of Jehova in order to make demons obey.

The magician is given instruction to create three concentric circles, in a clockwise direction. This is symbolized by the coiled serpent upon which the names of the angels of the nine Sephiroth are written. around this circle are four stars each symbolizing all of the elements, one for each elemental corner or direction. The magician is given instruction to create three concentric circles, clockwise which is symbolized by the serpent upon which the names of the angels of the nine Sephira are written. around this circle are four stars each symbolizing all of the elements, one for each elemental corner or direction. Above this is the triangle and circle of the art, a glyph or image that calls upon the power of God through the will of the magician.

Take thou Knife, the Sickle or Sword of magical art, consecrated after the manner and order which we shall deliver unto thee……With this knife or with the Sickle of the Art thou shalt describe, beyond the inner Circle which thou shalt have already formed, a second circle encompassing the other at the distance of one foot there from and having the same centre. Within this space, of a foot in breadth between the first and second circumferential line, thou shal trace towards the Four Quarters of the Earth…..” –S.L. MacGregor Mathers Goetia…1

Solomon Triangle of the Art

Above this image of the coiled serpent is the Triangle of the Art, an image inscribed in front of the Circle of the Art that calls upon the power of God through the will of the magician. The magician creates these symbols within the summoning area to evoke, or manifest a demon into the triangle. Within the triangle name of Michael, and at the sides are written the words, Tetragrammation meaning Yod, He Vau He, the Four Names of God, Anaphaxetongreat God of the heavenly hosts, and Primeumation translated as Thou who art the First and the Last2. translated as

This is the Form of the Magical Triangle, into the which Solomon did command the Evil Spirits. It is to be made at 2 feet distance from the Magical Circle and it is 3 feet across..“–S.L. MacGregor Mathers Goetia…”3

The circle is designed to protect the summoner and to raise power that is transferred through them by the power of their god. This is called theurgy, the use of gods to produce results in magic. The triangle is the area of manifestation, and it is symbolic of the three planes or dimensions of existence. Summoning the spirit into the triangle manifests this spirit into the physical plane, according to the directions of the Goetia.

Symbolic Representation

Magic uses symbolism through images, actions, and words. Ritual magic is dependent on these elements to help the magician focus. The same effects of the Solomon circle and triangle can be achieved without using the Solomon method, through a deep knowledge and understanding of the symbolism that is used in magic.

The circle enclosing the magician in the Solomon method, is a means of protection and of focus. The same method is used in witchcraft, without the names of god and the angels to assist. A similar method can be used in Satanic Ritual Magic as well, where the magician is the focus of the ritual and represents the ‘god-form’.

The symbolism of the circle must be understood before you can utilize it to its full potential. The circle, whether it is astral, physical or mental is an image that creates a boundary around you. Instead of appealing to a higher power the satanist becomes as a god. The circle represents the world or universe and at the center is god, the magician the higher self.

The Solomon method of theurgy works because it is God that is directing the angels and demons through the will of the magician. This god offers protection and enforcement. What the magician may not realize that it is their will that is really directing these forces, because without the desire of the magician there would be no results.

The Satanic Circle and Triangle of the Art

These are my theories, on the art of Summoning for Satanists. The Satanic method is not opposite to the Solomon method, it is just more refined. The Satanist is the god-form that influences the energy and direction of the spirits that they summon.

The Circle is not for protection, it is for enforcement. It is the very act of becoming “god” at the center of the universe, and projecting one’s will from this vantage point, that will give the Satanist the ability to do what they do.

Your body, and being is but a reflection of the universe. Your body is made of the same elements as are found in the universe, air, fire, earth, water, spirit. You are the representation of the pentagram and the circle, representing the earth, the universe, the elements, and the magician in tune with the universe.

Since it has been found that, demons, angels and celestial beings are both existent within and outside the mind at the same time, it really makes sense that you have the control and power to be able to call upon any being in this universe, whenever you want. You are not calling on god, you are evoking your own will. You must meditate on this idea, actively to reach this realization of unlimited potential within.

The Triangle, whether it is astral, physical or mental is an image that directs the will and focus it towards manifestation. The triangle is composed of three areas, each side representing a force. I like to associate these three with the words, I AM, I WILL, I CREATE, a magical mantra used because of the representation of the words and their combination. I AM focuses on the magician, as the center of the universe, I WILL is a focus of the will of the magician, and I Create is the manifestation of this will.

The triangle should face North, so that you can focus the energies of Fire, Water and Air, to manifest the spirit on the Earth plane. In the original Solomon Circle and triangle, the magician faces east but since the Satanist has no need to use the associations from this Christian paradigm, facing north or whatever direction you feel represents manifestation will help you.

This is only my method that I have developed and used over the years.You should attempt to come to your own personal understanding of the symbolism in magic and apply it in ways that you can relate to.


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