5 Ways to Improve your Occult Practice Right Now


Occult StudyToday, I would like to suggest five different ways that you can use to help you to focus on your occult practices. Focusing on your goals will give you better results!

1. Perform a Daily Ritual.
This is easy to do. you can perform a simple daily ritual that will enable you to stay grounded and focused. You can perform the ritual by focusing on anything that is important to you. For instance, I started doing a daily 10-minute ritual where I light a candle on my altar and i use that time to focus on my connection with the force of Satan. I use that time to meditate on my goals in Satanism.

I also use that time to give praise and recognition to the force and being of Satan. It is not a structured ritual, but within that 10 minute time, I am alone with the god-force that I choose to associate with. It has helped me to stay focused and it also has increased my awareness of my Self and my place in this world, and it strengthens my bond with the demon-god that I have a pact with. What could 10 minutes of simple ritual or mediation do for you?

2. Make a Goal, and Do it!
Ever hear of the “Armchair magician”? The Urban Dictionary (ha ha) defines this as:
1. armchair magician : A person who studies and discuses the arts of magic(k), treating themselves as an authority on both the practical applications as well as the histories behind the techniques, with very little (usually none) actual experience in its use…

The armchair magician might sound like he knows what he’s talking about as he recites random facts from various authors, but in the end he has no practical experience of magic. He can not explain magic from a personal perspective. He can only parrot the teachings of others. When it all comes down to it the only journey he has had with magic is inside his head.

You can avoid this lowly condition by actually practicing something related to the occult, every day. There are many things you could try or practice until you are skilled with it. For instance, you could learn about a magical alphabet. Learn to read the Tarot, Study books but practice what is in them as well, learn how to experiment with magic in creative ways, learn to read the runes, evoke the elements, practice, practice practice!

For books to study feel free to visit my other project, Left Hand Path Books — a site with reviews on Occult, witchcraft, Satanism and magic books. That way you can find some good study material to help you on your path.

In occultism, one thing leads to another. In time you will find the abilities and preferences that enable you to make educated choices when it comes to practices.. Life is not very long, and every day that goes by is one more day that you could have used to better yourself.

3. Keep a Magical Journal
Take some time each day to write one page in your magical journal. Writing enables you to cement the experience in your mind. No matter how good you think your memory is, you won’t need to try and remember everything that’s happened for you. Why even try to do that when you could have some kind of record to reference?

Your magical journal should be hand-written. Typing it out does not have the same effect. Any simple notebook or spiral book will do. this journal is for your eyes only, and it is a record of your explorations in magic, satanism and the occult. you should record your observations, desires, goals, and accomplishments into this book. It only takes a few minutes to fill a page. It will keep you inspired and focused.

4. Build an Altar
A magical altar is a great project to keep you inspired. An altar is a living thing – its decorated with the things that have value and meaning to you in your magical practice. its more than just a place to display your magical tools, its the workspace that you use as a magician.

Altars should be built slowly with consideration to everything that is in your sacred space. let nothing on your altar not have a personal meaning that will enhance your magical work. Items for your altar can be bought piece by piece from new findings, or you can also find ritual items that are used. What you put on your altar is a matter of personal preference. I do not mind using an item for my altar that was bought second-hand because I know that it was meant to find me and I was meant to use it as a tool of magic.

Maintaining an altar is not that difficult. I have found that sometimes, its necessary to re-arrange some items on my altar to make room for more items. I also have a simple ritual where i burn cinnamon, sage, or myrrh to charge the altar with magical force. The materials used for this type of ritual depend on the outcome that I want to achieve. There are many different ways to do a ritual like this, so if a renewing of energy or a recharge or re-focus or a cleansing is what you are interested in, research some methods on how to do that kind of ritual, then devise one of your own that you can customize according to your needs.

5. Don’t Give up!
I’ve met a lot of people over the years who drifted into occultism only to find out months later that it wasn’t what they expected. When things got difficult, and the ‘beginners luck’ and faith wore out due to unpleasant circumstances, they gave up on occultism and returned to their mundane lives. What really happened is that they gave up on themselves.

Maybe the x-box was more important. Or their social lives interrupted their study. Work or School was more important. They never learned how to integrate their occult study into their lives so that they could handle what life is like for magicians and occultists.

They never had the intention to be dedicated to Occult practice. When some find that there is actually work involved, its too much to take. When they get a sign of confirmation, it shatters their (supposed) reality and they are too frightened to return.

Mundane existence becomes a convenient lie to escape from what they could have been if they had chosen to live through their will. Some fall into the category of above, the ‘armchair magician’ (2) , who studies but has no practical knowledge. That can get boring after a while.

There are some who get ‘burned out’ from practice, as well. These types begin to feel that magic is failing them, and it creates a cycle where they get no results, because that is what they are projecting (frustration, and failure). Doing the same spells over and over may be fine, if you want to stay in a comfort zone.. but to really work with the potential of magic and occultism you should treat it like a craft. It is an art and it not only requires talent, but it requires innovation and the ability to be creative. So, get creative with your magic and use it in different ways.

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  1. 1

    I have, recently, had my Satanic/Luciferian path re-inspired by reading the works of Michael W. Ford (past member of ONA who left because he didn't like their whole Nazi thing).

    I think his books are very good introductory to the LHP path and magic(k) or worth adding to one's library.

    I also feel that he should be included in the list of independent Satanists.

    I also feel that Venus is pretty level-headed compared to some others out there and that her connection to the Dark Force is genuine, my own personal opinion.

    Of course, I have my difference of opinions with many writers, even Venus, yet I have been re-inspired by this site and Michael W. Ford who tend to help those who are new get a jump-start into the LHP or Luciferian path.

    And for those into Crowley I hear this is an excellent introductory guide too.

    link: http://www.amazon.com/Magick-Thelema-Handbook-Rituals-Aleister/dp/0877287783/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1264817158&sr=1-1

    Hail the ancient Dragon who has many faces!


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    I think the straightest distance between two points is a straight line. Go to the source and do as Venus asks and meditate on the Dark Force daily.

    I think one will get results whenever they stop relying on external authority or external sources to get results for them.

    I could ask Venus or a thousand others about getting results yet it is "I" who is responsible for finding that knowledge and experience on my own. It is between me and that Force that I label as the Dragon with many faces.

    I think those with experience can help yet the LHP is a solitary path and requires action and dedication on your part.

    I also feel that over-analyzing Greater Magic or chamber ritual will hinder your results too. Remember to drop your disbelief before starting any type of LHP ritual and focus as much emotion into as possible. Even LaVey stressed the importance of "emotion" and one's own intent in Greater Magic.

    In reality, in my opinion, one could perform an entire ritual in their head using their own imagination if they choose and get results.

    Think about it, Christians pray to a invisible wish granter in the sky and claim to receive money, material possessions, and miracles and healing.

    I have had members of my own family claim to receive miracles from a so-called God.

    In my own opinion, I feel the mind or sub-consciousness has latent abilities that occult Adepts have learned to tap into that the masses have ignored.

    The Christian witches have even learned to tap into some force too!

    I sometimes feel LHP people get less results because the Christians actually BELIEVE in their occult rituals more than the skeptical LHP types do.

    Once again, when you are in your ritual chamber have CONFIDENCE and BELIEVE you will get results and you just might light that Black Flame! 🙂

    I also feel it is important that you be respectful to the forces you conjure. I feel trying to trick them into helping you and drawing circles to protect you from them is disrespectful and I wouldn't be surprised if you shot yourself in your own foot by acting like an asshole to these forces.

    If they are your friends and brothers then treat them as such.

    If you were in their shoes then how would you want to be treated?

    I think acting this way can also psychologically backfire on you too.

    WWSD? 😛

    Have Fun!


    Hail the ancient Dragon!

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    Those are great tips. I do need to get back to a daily ritual. I am starting practicing into voudon and will incorporate a daily ritual to get in touch with the Lwa. I am horrible at keeping a journal though. Always have been.

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    These are definitely words of wisdom to live by, Venus!!! In the past, I've been through the "burnout" phase where I stopped my practices for a while. This year's resolution for me is to do at least 10 minutes a day every day, instead of just when I need something. Thanks for the tip!:)


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