Celebrate Satanic Independence!

Independence Day, the Most Satanic Holiday of ALL!

What holiday is most associated with Satanism? Is it Halloween, where witches and black cats decorate homes? Or, is it as LaVey suggested in the Satanic Bible, the birthday that should be the most Satanic Holiday of all?
LaVey suggested that the most Satanic Holiday of all should be one’s own birthday. While that does make sense from a Satanic perspective, a person’s birthday isn’t something that we can all celebrate at once. It only happens once a year and while the birthday is a special day indeed, it holds no special significance  for all of Satanism. I think that Lavey suggested this birthday to contrast with Christmas, which is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus. So instead of the birthday of a Christian god celebrated as a holiday [holy-day], one’s own birthday is celebrated instead.
This seems like another inversion of Christian values made into something Satanic. I think it’s fine. but I think also that we should focus on something that is more meaningful and relevant to all of us as Satanists, and that something is Independence Day!!
This summer on July 4th, I realized that Independence day celebrates all that it means to be independent.  While historically it represents the celebration of independence from the British first celebrated in 1776, this day of Independence can have a special meaning and important relevance for all of us as Satanists.
This holiday reminds us to cherish the freedoms that we are entitled to in America. The number one freedom that made Satanism possible is of course, freedom of religion. The constitution of America guarantees us certain ‘unalienable’ rights, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and what’s more Satanic than that?
Aren’t most of us as Satanists working towards finding that happiness everyday? Don’t most of us enjoy  pursuing the religious freedom that affords us the opportunity to use Satanism as something worthy and worthwhile? And the enjoyment of life as one sees fit, that is certainly a Satanic attribute.
So on this Independence Day, let us be reminded that we have the opportunity to not only celebrate the birth of our nation, we also have the opportunity to celebrate the freedoms that make Satanism possible, and we additionally have the ability to enjoy life with Satanism in any way that we see fit.
As you enjoy your day today, think about what Independence means to you. I know what it means to me – it means that I am grateful to live in a great country that allows me to live the Satanic life that I cherish. I am  proud to be independent, I am proud to be a Satanist, and I am proud to live in America! Celebrate!

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