Dedication To Satan

Recently I made a video for youtube, addressing the topic of pact-making with Satan. This is a controversial subject in Satanism because not all satanists accept that Satan is a god. For some, the forces of Satan are only Symbolic. Those who feel that Satan is only symbolic, do not have to be left out of the pact-making process. The pact can be literal, as a spiritual vow or agreement, or it can be symbolic, as a way of representing an agreement with satanism, or as a method of declaring one’s self as a satanist. There are a few things to take into consideration before you commence with ‘making a deal with the devil‘…

1. You should consider carefully why you want to make a pact; what does it mean to you specifically, why is satanism important to you? What does your pact represent between you and satan? what does it symbolize?

2. Selling the soul to Satan for riches fortune and fame is a myth and an urban legend. If that were true, all satanists would be rich and famous. Study the writings of Satanism, like the Satanic Bible instead of believing the hype written by non-satanists.

3. Research and find out what Satan means to you. Only you can decide this for yourself and it is good to know what Satan represents to you before you enter into a life-long association with a spiritual path

4. Fear comes from a lack of knowledge, and often those who don’t know what Satan represents, are apprehensive to make a pact thinking that Satan is dangerous or harmful. This is a fear that is created through the teachings of religions and superstitions. To the Theistic Satanist, Satan is a god, and this god is neither cruel nor benevolent; but it is the power and influence of Satan. And a pact with this god is an honorable thing.

5. Realize that Satan is not here to satisfy our every desire, nor will he likely appear to those who are without a true spiritual intent, unless you are appealing to the forces of the christian Satan who would most likely love to bargain with you for your soul for your every earthly whim. Satan is not at your beck and call, unlike what the grimories say. From a Satanists point of view, we satisfy our own desires and by doing this we are in praise of Satan, and in praise of the self.

6. Communion with a god, with Satan is a complex and lifelong spiritual process.



Feel free to leave a comment. What does a pact with satan mean to you?