Guest Post – Does Voodoo Magic Really Work?


Does Voodoo Magic Really Work?
by Adrienne Carlson

Now I’m neither an atheist nor a theist; truth is, I do believe in a supernatural power, one that most people call God. I’m not so sure however that I believe in the antithesis of God, or in other words, his evil counterpart Satan. Although I have heard that people do get involved in Satanist rites and negative prayers (to wish harm on their enemies or even family members), I have never given the idea more than a passing thought. So I was intrigued when a friend of mine suggested that my recent string of troubles and problems could be associated with voodoo magic and the occult.

I’ve seen my share of movies that featured voodoo dolls and evil sorcerers who stick pins into them in order to torture their enemies, so I was skeptical at first. But then, desperation drove me to investigate the idea further. I looked back to each incident that had gone wrong in my life and wondered about people who hated me so much that they would go to such extreme lengths in order to make me suffer. My friend took me to a shaman who conducted a séance and assured me that it was a relative who was the cause of all my trouble.

Although I did not openly show my incredulity, that was the last I allowed my friend to talk about this issue. I happen to believe that good triumphs over evil, and that if we are true to our conscience and lead a life filled with values, no evil force on earth can harm us. And that’s just what I decided to do about this voodoo mumbo jumbo – ignore it and hope that my troubles would go away with the passage of time as they usually do.

So do voodoo magic and other Satanist rituals really work? I’m sure most people have asked themselves and others this question more than once. Even the most diehard optimists and staunch religious believers know in their hearts that a tiny corner of their minds swings between believing and not believing the occult and its associated rituals. They may occasionally wonder if there is some truth behind all the stories that they hear, even though some of them are quite bizarre.

Perhaps we condition our minds to believe that they do work; or we think that they work through backward association – if such and such thing happened at such and such time, then your mind tries to figure out where so and so person was and what they were doing at the time. A small seed of suspicion is enough to develop into a full grown tree within a matter of minutes when it comes to believing what the mind wants to believe.

Voodoo, black magic, Satanism and talismans are all just beliefs in our minds, just like religion is. We believe what we want to, and whether it is good or bad is a choice we have to make.


This guest article was written by Adrienne Carlson, who regularly writes on the topic of online christian colleges . Adrienne welcomes your comments and questions at her email address:


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    Depends on what you mean really work. It can give you super natural powers. But there are limits. And the powers that are manifested are not working in the way those doing it say its working.

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    I believe that feelings and thoughts are as real as physical matter.

    Then, negative feelings and thoughts have negative effects and vice versa.

    But why want to hurt someone?

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    actually in Hoodoo the Catholic influence came from the need to Hide their practices so they used saints in substitution for the voodoo Loa spirits. I think many have lost sight of that because I don't understand why in this day and age people still use the substitute spirits when they are free to practice their path in whatever form they will. I personally would never call upon saints for anything. I'll to stick to my demons.

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    Yes, I know I don't think the author had any formal magic training at all. I know a few that study Voodoo/hoodoo (I don't study it tho) Its one of many magic practices that really does work! Plus, as I understand it was also influenced by christianity.

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    Although I understand the point that the author was trying to make I have to take issue with her perception of Voodoo. Of course we are all informed by our personal world view and level of information on any given topic, but one should do a bit of research before making a statement like that. At best the title could have been "Does Sympathetic Magic Really Work?". Of course I am just being a tad nit picky I suppose. Being a practitioner of hoodoo as wells as a LHP adherent I have had to learn much about voodoo, if for not other reason than to know the differences between hoodoo and voodoo. I have come to respect voodoo as a religion and it's magickal system as well. Again I just wish that the author and others would take time to educate themselves. But props to you VenusSatanas for being open enough to allow ither viewpoints to be present on your blog.

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    I allowed Adrian to post at my blog as a guest so that she could share her experience with magic with us.

    My personal experience with magic is this: Magic works, and the more that you know how it works, the easier it is. Not only that, belief in a spell is not required for it to work; there is no need for the person that is getting a spell cast on them to believe anything at all. In fact, its best if they know nothing.

    However, as we can see from Adrienne's post, her fear of being influenced by magic was overcome by her own disbelief in magic, and her faith in herself.

    This is a testament to the powers of the mind that we all have a capacity to create influence both around us and within, in one way or another.


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