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Interviews Sin Jones

Come listen to the fun and insightful interview hosted at Sin Jone’s Blogtalk Radio Show.  We will be discussing Satanism in general and any other topics that are important.. This was an insightful interview with some good questions asked. Hosted on: Sin Jones on Poison Apple Radio, [11/02/2012]




Also visit my interview with Nicholas Walls and Sinfully Delicious Magazine, first published in 2009. It was a fun interview about my life in Satanism. This was posted years ago but unfortunately his site is not online anymore, luckily I had it archived!


To see a listing of all my interviews visit my Satanic Media Page at the Spiritual Satanist site


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    I am also a solo satanist for 22 years. I just would like to thank you for your great knowlage and maturity of our practice. The work u are doing is very inspiering to me and remind me why we satanist are the most happy and free living people walking the earth! Praise satan, the ancient one and all the dead of dark earth.


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