Is there a Satanic Afterlife?

Do Satanists believe in the afterlife? What will happen to them? are they headed to a paradise or to hell? These questions have been sent to me before, and although they are not easy questions to answer, there are some resorces available that show what some Satanists believe about the afterlife.

In the philosophy of Satanism, the Satanist does not accept the possibility of the afterlife, choosing to instead believe as little as they can and to accept life in the here and now: “Life is the Great Indulgence, Death the great Abstinence, therefore make the most of life in the HERE AND NOW!” [The Satanic Bible,Book of Satan, Ch. 4 Verse 1] This sentiment is echoed again in the SB with the statement, “Here and now is our day of Joy.. our day of opportunity”. this is quite opposite to what other religions teach; that we are to feel guilty for enjoying life in a pleasurable way.

Making the most of here and now refers to living life without the guilt of a punishment or reward. The Satanist does not believe that they are going to an infernal hell, or Dante’s Lake of fire or any other place beyond the grave. I tend to agree. Many religions have tried to explain this phenomenon by teaching and preparing their religious for an eventual blessing or punishment in the afterlife, or the promise of reincarnation.

I am interested in the amount of ghost phenomenon that I have seen. while I do not accept all of it as true, some of these things can not be explained. it would seem that ghosts and their existence, and stories of their existence, are a part of the natural world we live in. I can not explain the phenomenon nor can I dismiss the proof that I have seen. I personally believe that the soul experiences a state of suspension after death but this soul is not eternal nor does it ascend into a heaven or descend into a hell. (I think there is a metaphysical reasoning for a spiritual existence after death. Religion directs the the belief in this phenomenon, but outside of religion there may be other explanations.)

But, I can only base my beliefs (or, ideas on what the afterlife is) on what I have seen, and evidence like EVP’s [electronic voices], witnesses, personal experience, video evidence, orb photography, and the numerous stories and general belief in ghosts makes me feel as if we do not fully understand what happens after death; maybe we create our own experience of life, and we do not know what is beyond death until we walk through that door.

I will not be afraid.

PS. What is your views on the afterlife? Does it exist? what is it? What is it not?

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