Is there a Satanic Tarot Reading? Reader Q&A

Devil of the Tarot

A fun letter from a subscriber at my Youtube channel:

I remember reading something on one of your websites about tarot reading. You said you read tarot in a different way then most other occultists. Because your a satanist. So I was wondering if you could teach/tell me your method of reading tarot the satanic way. Also I was wondering, what do you think about the “Devil” card in tarot. What does it represent to you?

The thing about tarot reading, or any other kind of divinatory method, is that it is not limited to one area of the occult. You could be a christian, a Wicca, a Buddhist, even a Satanist – and use the same tarot cards to basically give the same kind of reading.

The only thing that would really be affected is how the cards are read. Perhaps a Wiccan would not want to read cards for people that were asking to know things that went against their Wiccan morals and ethics. Maybe a Christian tarot reader, (and there are some!) or one who only uses angel guides, would want to read the positive that they see in the cards, and withhold the negative. Their religion will color their experience with the tarot, perhaps giving an accurate reading but each would be from a different viewpoint.

The same is true for a Satanist reading tarot. As a Satanist, my goal is to use tarot in a non conventional way, just because I can. There are things in tarot readings that I will read, that other readers won’t.. like gay or alternative relationship readings, secret lover readings, readings on ‘the other woman’. Some tarotist wont read these clients either because its against their ethics or morals or because they choose not to use their cards for those purposes.

There are other ways to use the tarot as well. For instance, if you need advice on spell working and you want me to consult the tarot, your consultation could help you before you cast that spell so you know what to do and how to handle the situation. The reading will give you extra information to work with. It could give you insight after your spell is cast, too.

I know that this person might want me to say that a satanic tarot reading should be inspired by Satan and demons, but it’s not. The tarot is like a tool, and when it is used by a Satanist, it can be used for certain purposes, but the tarot (itself) is not Satanic. There is no ‘Satanic’ way to use the cards but there are Satanist (like me) that use tarot for a variety of purposes.

As a Satanist, the devil card does have a special significance for me. In the use of tarot, the devil card is often symbolized by imprisonment to physical desires, addiction, suffering, and wants. But, as a Satanist it has a spiritual implication for me, so the appearance of the devil card in my own readings has at times symbolized my own path in Satanism, and it has not been read or interpreted by me in a traditional way in my own personal readings. When I read for others, however, the Devil card is best interpreted in a traditional way, and I leave my own personal interpretations out of the reading because its not necessary to include it.