Let Your Satanic Voice Be Heard: The Satan Census (Satan Survey 3)

This is your opportunity to let your Satanic voice be heard! You can go fill out the Satan Census – this third version was recently released.

There are 67 questions in this Satanic Survey, created by James R. Lewis. Sociologists like Mr. Lewis compile this kind of information for research and for reporting. The questions in the Satan Survey relate to the current state of Satanism, including vital information like the average age of Satanists and their education, to their interests in Satanism and even their beliefs as satanists.

This survey is completely anonymous and it takes about 45 minutes to fill out. When giving additional information for a question, take your time to answer and be as detailed as you want. It might be helpful to review your questionnaire before you send it in so that you don’t leave anything out.

I really respect Mr. Lewis’ work because his work has been very beneficial for Satanism overall. Thanks to him and people like him we now have real and factual information about Satanism and the lives of Satanists. Mr. Lewis’ work increases public knowledge and perception of Satanism and presents the facts, as they really are. His surveys have served Satanists in more ways than one, and that is why your participation is so important and vital.

Here is a blurb from the Satan Survey 3:
“I am conducting questionnaire research on contemporary Satanism. The current phase of my research builds on prior work that was published ten years ago as (link) Who Serves Satan? A Demographic and Ideological Profile found online at the Marburg Journal of Religion website..Initial findings from this questionnaire will be reported at the “Satanism in Western Culture” conference, to be held in Stockholm, 25-27 September 2011″ – James R. Lewis

The Satan Survey as it is today was built on years of work, and in this work a decade of real information about Satanists have been gathered and analyzed and presented to the public, both in print and online. The impact of this information being made to the public has only benefited Satanism. It is because of this reporting that people are starting to realize that Satanism is real and that Satanists live far beyond whatever stereotypes that have been created for us in society.

This survey, and your experience filling it out will also give you an additional bonus – you can use it to analyze your own Satanism by carefully considering your answers while you fill out this form. It may help you to see where you are at, what your interests are and where you need work. And it may also give you additional information to research, new ideas to consider and a better understanding of your relation to Satanism, Satan and Self – VS.

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The Satan Census Survey is now closed..But hoping for a new one in the future!

Also, see these books authored by James R. Lewis:

Sourcebook of Satanism (James R. Lewis) at Amazon

The Encyclopedic Sourcebook of Satanism
“The contributors first examine modern Satanism, a decentralized movement whose only coherence is based on certain themes that date back to the writings of Anton Szandor LaVey, especially his Satanic Bible.

Among other factors, the authors discuss how the emergence of the Internet as a form of communication has created some coherence among disparate groups through cross-reference.



Satanism Today: An Encyclopedia Of Religion, Folklore and Popular Culture

Satanism Today (James R. Lewis) at Amazon

Proposing “to survey contemporary images of the Devil,” this book examines not only “religious Satanism” but also various satanic organizations, traditions, and personalities. The general focus is on the Christian-Jewish-Islamic tradition of Satan, but there are articles discussing Buddhism and Taoism and their somewhat different demons and hells. Lewis also explores the contribution of Zoroastrianism to both Satan and the concept of hell in the three great monotheisms and the influence of Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey on the modern satanist movement….

The book is in dictionary format. Articles range from a few sentences to several two-column pages in length. Most articles have see also references and a list of further reading, much of it recent. Where appropriate, Web sites are also listed, as many Satanist organizations have considerable Internet activity.

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