My Name Is Legion, For We Are Many

Imagine being able to tell others about your own path in Satanism, published into a book filled with other contributor works that also provide personal stories and reflections on finding Satanism, living Satanism and creating Satanism?  Now is your opportunity.

My Name Is Legion for We are ManyS J Reisner, a well-respected author who has written both fiction and non-fiction in the field of Demonolatry [the religion of Demonology] is putting together this project, named ‘My Name Is Legion, For We Are Many’. This book will be a community effort by which we can all have the opportunity to get our own personal story about finding Satanism and the Left-Hand Path.

Visit the link at the end of this post so that you can find out how you can submit your own personal story into this book.  Don’t worry if you have no writing experience.. its personal experience that they want for this book, not technical expertise. A submission for this book will be easy if you break down your story into an outline and use that for writing.

What they are looking for is short personal stories, from 1,500 to 3,000 words. I am sure that they will do a preliminary edit, but before you submit, do take some time to spell check and pre-edit before publishing. Contributors receive a copy of the book, and while that’s not cash in your pocket that’s not the point. The idea is that we all have a story to tell so if you take the time to get your idea out there, you may help others who will read this book.

When this book is published, I would enjoy placing it in the storefront of my Satanism and Occult Writer’s Group at Lulu, a group that I formed in 2009 to gather the best and brightest writers from LuLu who write about Satanism and the Occult, all under one roof.

But that’s not all.. You also have the opportunity to contribute financially towards this project which will ensure that the proper editing and producing will be available. The book will be produced even if they do no meet their projected goal of 1, 5000 by October of this year.

Here is a breakdown of what could be on the table as far as publishing and editing expenses go if they meet the financial goal:

Compensation to Authors: $3,500
Contributor Copies: $100 (estimated – includes shipping).
Expanded Distribution & Proofing Fees: $50.
Editorial (for interior publication file creation and eBook formatting, may include additional artwork or compensation to contributors): $1000.
Cover Art: $500.

If you wish to financially contribute toward this project you can visit this url which takes you to their donation page where all of these details are revealed. You will receive compensation afterwards, including copies of the book, a beautiful Lucifer talisman and more. With proper funding this book could do well with sales, and it will likely be presented as a very professional project.

This book is available at Amazon –  My Name is Legion: For We Are Many

Dark Moon Merchant