Recent Interview with Venus Satanas

Carmilla Ravencraft Interview
Carmilla Ravencraft Interview

My latest interview is here!

This interview at Carmilla Ravencraft’s Theistic Satanism blog was just completed, in August 2017, with Theistic Satanist and occultist Carmilla Ravencraft.  Her blog is always an enjoyable read about Satanism, occultism and other taboo subjects.

This was an enjoyable interview where we discussed experiments in magic and summoning, feminism in Satanism, and my journey as a Spiritual Satanist, and also, the future of Satanism. Unfortunately her blog is unavailable so I’ve reprinted the interview here:


*** Brief Bio: My name is Venus Satanas, I have been a Satanist since 1992. My interests include Spiritual Satanism, Witchcraft and magic, and summoning. I began writing about Satanism in 2004, at my website, Spiritual Satanist ( My goal is to educate others about independent, Spiritual Satanism.

*** Interview:

1. Can you share a little about your website and your work as an Independent Satanist?

I’ve always been independent, I just feel that independence is the best way to approach Satanism. I started out with Satanism back in 1992, when I found the book ‘The Church of Satan’ at the local library.
Even though I wasn’t raise christian the idea of Satanism appealed to me.

It seemed to confirm many of the things that I knew and thought about life, and so it felt right for me. It wasn’t until 2004, when I was able to write about my experiences on the ‘net. I created my Spiritual Satanist site by writing a few articles on Satanism. I did this so I could help other Satanists discover what it’s like to walk the path of Satanism.

I think Satanism should be independent – you don’t have to belong to a Church or organization to call yourself a Satanist. I have tried to show this in my teachings by letting others decide what is right for them regarding Satanism. I can’t tell people what to believe, that choice is up to them.

2. I am often contacted by people saying they don’t really believe in Satan, yet feel powerfully drawn to satanic images and ideas. What would you say to such people?
People have always had an attraction to the mysterious and unknown in life. It is this mystery that makes paths like Satanism so inviting. We want to know what is hidden in the dark. There has always been an allure to the things in life that are forbidden.

For some of us, it makes us feel alive. For others, it helps us understand what is within. The dark is a necessary part of life and to ignore it is to deny yourself the opportunity to learn and grow.

Satan represents many things to many different people. Overall there is a feeling that the imagery of Satan gives us a sense of freedom and self-empowerment. Satan allows us to connect with our animal, primal selves. This is often missing in today’s modern society, and it’s something that people naturally crave.

3. In a world saturated with patriarchal religions and male-dominated politics, do you feel satanism gives an equal voice to women?

Indeed, Satanism is dominated by males but I think that’s because it appeals to what guys like. It is very raw, animal and sexual in nature at times. But, there have been plenty of notable and important women in the Satanist scene.

Even from the beginning women like Diane LaVey helped to build the Church of Satan and compile their Satanic Bible, and rituals. She did the administration work for the church behind the scenes. We also have women like Lilith Sinclair who was instrumental in the success of the Temple of Set.

Today we have women like Diane Vera, Stephanie Connolly, and myself on the front lines of religious Satanism, Demonolatry, and Spiritual Satanism.  There are other movers and shakers too in this scene and it’s great that we have a voice as well. So, being outnumbered is really of no consequence to me.

There is some movements of feminism in Satanism but mainly they are connected with the Church of Satan and their book, the Satanic Witch. I have a different feeling about that book, however, and you can find a discussion on that at this article, the Role of Feminism in LaVeyan Satanism (

4. There has been an obvious increase in interest in left-hand satanism. How would you describe the general spirit of satanism today?

Satanism today has evolved in many ways. Thanks to the internet and social media, people are talking about it and sharing ideas. This new generation of Satanists are fortunate to have so many materials available to them to learn from. At the same time, there is less time and dedication given to the craft. People from this new generation want instant results, but anything that is worth doing is worth doing well.

In the early 90’s we only had books and each other to learn from. Then the internet made forums and websites available. This is when people started moving away from the Church of Satan style of Satanism, (Atheist, LaVeyan) and into theistic, religious and Spiritual Satanism.

So, today we have a variety of ways to express the satanic current available to us today. Its been an exciting journey to see this evolution happen over the years. I addressed this evolution of Satanism in a recent post at my blog, Whats the Difference Between Spiritual Satanism and Theistic Satanism? (

5. Would you share any particular spiritual/metaphysical/supernatural experiences that might be of interest to seekers?

The first time that I made a pact with Satan, I was only 13 years old. The feeling that came over me as I created the ritual and signed the pact was indescribable. It was the most incredible experience of my life and it changed my life in so many good ways throughout the years. I will never forget that moment. Its as if I were standing outside of myself, watching. I was frightened and curious and willing all at the same time. The experience was unforgettable.

I don’t often speak of my own personal experiences. Spirituality is personally experienced and everyone has their own way of relating to it. For me, the most revealing and important experiences have also come through dream work. When we dream our physical senses are dulled and our subconscious allows us to have spiritual insights that we just cant have when we are awake.

Having a dream about Satan can be an insightful way to see how you relate to the force of Satan. The dreams that I have had over the years have been personally revealing and enlightening, at times guiding me on the path in a useful way.

6. How important is ritual to you? Demonology? Could you describe some of your regular or most cherished practices?
I have saved rituals for special moments in my life. The most recent ritual that i did was for Lucifer, on Easter morning. This ritual was in praise of Lucifer, as the morning star rose in the sky. It seemed appropriate to me to celebrate Lucifer on that morning because of the symbolism of the eastern star.

The most important rituals that I have done have been life changing events. I performed my own version of a black mass before I signed my first pact with Satan. When I re-pacted with Satan in 2004 with a new purpose in mind, I was fully able to do a proper ritual since I had my own ritual space to work in.

Later on in 2010 I started working with demons, and I was fortunate enough to have my own ritual room to work with. I remember preparing for the ritual for an entire week beforehand. On the day of the ritual, I set everything up and opened the circle for summoning. Just as I began, my familiar cat Shadow had pawed the door open, and came and sat beside me in the circle. I guess he knew there was something special going on. The experience working with that demon was memorable and useful to me.

7. I have seen posts on the internet saying that Satanism is just a spiritual starting point for those fleeing xianity. In your case, that is obviously not true. Do you think Satanism is a pit-stop for many ex-xians on their way to a greater spirituality?

Yes, it’s true that I was fortunate to not have to deal with a Christian conversion when I became a Satanist. It was great to finally choose a path and to not have to fight to leave anything behind from my past. Many others are not so lucky.

Surveys done on Satanism have shown that most Satanists come from Catholic backgrounds simply because Catholicism is the predominant religion. Christians in general are the most exposed to Satan and Satanism, indirectly. But, many who enter the path struggle with leaving religion behind all together and decide to become atheist. For others they want to explore what’s possible, and out of the possibilities at least Satanism affords freedom.

8. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this blog?

I would like to say that I really enjoy your blog, Camilla. It’s nice to see other Satanists who want to keep blogging. The kinds of thoughts you blog about are always interesting, entertaining and enlightening. Thank you for this interview!