Satan as Creator of Humanity?


I read a very interesting statement on a website the other day:

The “Devil” *not* the Judeo/Christian “God” was the creator of humanity.”

Its a very interesting statement because it shows what some Satanists are willing to believe when it comes to religion. They believe the opposite of what the Christian bible teaches, that god created humans and that Satan is the enemy of man.

This is a very simple reversal of the Christian tale of creation, that the ‘devil’ created us, instead of the Christian god. What is often times ridiculous is that this statement is expressed without any supplemental proof. It requires faith to believe and accept something like this, just like the belief that the Christian god created the earth, requires faith to accept.

The story of creation as told in the bible, is similar to many other creation tales that can be found in religions around the world, so why should a creation tale in Satanism be any different?

There are two things you should consider:

First of all, if all of these creationist tales are true, according to the words of their religion, including paganism, Wicca and Christianity, then which one is right?

Secondly, why do people have a need to believe that this earth was created by some divine force? Is it because they want the gods of their religion to be recognized for the creation and ownership of this earth? Does this so-called ‘ownership’ give them some kind of divine power and social authority?

Which one is True?
Lets look at the first question. There are many, many religions that are found all over the world. Each one of them has their own version of how the earth was created. Which one is true? Which religious myth is real? is it the one that is the most convincing or believable? Does the ancientness of a religious idea make it more reliable as a truth?

It does not make any logical sense to believe that they are all right. If any god had created this earth, what created that god? The Greeks and the Romans believed just as much in their own creation tales two-thousand years ago, as Christians and pagans believe in their own stories today.

The idea of creation through divine forces does not make sense to me. I feel that Satan is a *god of this earth* a god that represents earthly things, but I would never claim that he created this earth. The idea is ludicrous to me. What created this earth, nobody can answer. No one was there in the beginning to see it, to witness it. However, science may have some ideas on how planets are created, through their research..but much of this is theory for now.

In reality, no one has the final answer as to what created this earth. If we had the final answer it would be as obvious and as accepted as the fact that the earth is round, or that the earth revolves around the sun.

It is more evident, however, that religions and the creation stories that accompany them, have developed over many centuries, each with their own story to tell. This is an obvious fact that can be proven through historical, archeological, and sociological research.

Ownership or Possession of the Earth
And that brings me to the second question, Ownership of the earth. Religious Satanists, like the members of other religions, want to claim that their god owns this earth. By believing this, they can fit in with he other religions that make this same claim, therefore making themselves seem legitimate.

The most popular creation story of satanism is found in the Al-Jilwah. Through research, it has been proven that this document was created by a person who had little knowledge of the document’s origins and meanings. It was written by a man who like others of his era, had strong religious prejudices against the peoples who first wrote the Al-Jilwah. Regardless of this fact, the story of the Al-Jilwah is accepted as a creation story in Satanism, only because LaVey introduced the story and made it popular to Satanists in the Satanic Rituals.

However, Satanists do not have to accept the same basic ideas that Christians, pagans, and all other religions preach, that their god[s] created the Earth and/or the universe. Satan is a *god of this earth* a god that represents earthly things, one of many gods of this earth that represent human needs and desires on a divine level.

You are not loosing anything by abandoning the religious idea that Satan created the earth. In fact, you are freeing yourself from the same trap that all religions try to teach, and that can be really liberating.

This is also why I gladly accept the fact that all gods were created by humans, as a means of religious and spiritual expression. This idea makes more sense to me than the self righteous, and faith-based ideas of the religious who, for many centuries, have tried to claim ownership of the earth and sometimes the entire universe, through their ideas of what their god represents.

What appeals to me is the recognition of Satan as a god of humans, reflecting our nature and our desires, and moving through the forces of nature itself, by means of Satanic expression.


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    Wow. Hi, my name is Liv and I am only 14. Before this I was unsure of my religious beliefs because I go to TAS Trinity Anglican School. They believe, in Christianity. So because of schooling here I have been very badly influenced. I was not sure of my religious beliefs because of this. I respect and admire your beliefs and I am now going to join you in your belief. As Kaiotee said, you have obviously opened alot of eyes, including my own. Thank you so much.

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    In response to the statement about Christians pointing to another creator besides a Supreme God- There are a couple of scriptures in (& out) of the Bible that I know of that point to a creation & domination of this world by the Supreme God through Jesus Christ &/or Lucifer, the latter (& possibly former) name being referred to as the god of this world in 2 Corinthians 4:4. The Book of Enoch & the Secret (Apocryphon) Book of John describe this concept with more detail, although it can be difficult to understand at first without being able to look through words & symbolizations from older languages that can have multiple meanings contained within each word or symbol (in other words, we can't take everything completley literally). My summary of them, with other sources too, is that if Lucifer was created without having knowledge of the Supreme God's existance, it would seem that if he thought he was God, & if he personified with our human perspectives of emotion & logic, without knowing any better he might react with anger, bitterness, & jealousy (amongst others) over him creating this world & then God coming behind him (from his perspective at least) & usurping his works into part of God's grand scheme of things that he had no foreknowledge of(therefore trust in), or a 100% sure final say in. There's much more to the picture than just that, but that's the basics as far as i know from the little bit i've been able to research since first finding an extensive compilation of the lost books of the Bible not too long ago. Lots of stuff there to blow anybody's perspective on Christianity away.. There's some crap mixed in too, just like most things in life. i pray for discernment & blessings on all who are interested

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    I agree with you yet again, Venus!!! You really put a lot of thought and research into your material; and present it in a very candid and concise way–and I respect the hell outta that (ok bad pun lol) And if Satan truly did create the Earth and everything on it, I wish he would've made more women like you! 🙂

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    I agree wholeheartedly with you. You have an excellent outlook on Satanism; I respect your independent path. If only more Theistic Satanists were as open as you are, to know and understand that deities are man created, instead of being the same as Christianity in their concepts; to actually believe Satan created the earth INSTEAD of God…makes no sense to me. I would just call that reverse xtianity, which is what it is. You are a becoming a true hero in Satanism; your ways have opened a lot of people's eyes, including my own. Thank you.

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    It seems to me that this could be a garbled version of the heretical Gnostic belief that the 'God' of the old testament was in fact a false god that wanted to enslave creation, and the real God, Satan, sought to liberate man by giving him the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

    Julian Karswell


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