Satan! Make me Rich (or Popular, or..)

Satanic HandshakeSo many letters over the years were sent to me by people from all over the world asking if Satan can make them rich, or popular or famous.

In my experience, life does not work that way. If it were that easy, don’t you think that everyone would be doing it?

The idea is that you can “sell” your soul (something that is not material) in trade for something that is material. I find that most of these letters come from Africa where folks there seem to be a bit behind the times when it comes to Satanism in general. Not only are they dealing with an ongoing Satanic Panic, it seems most of their information about Satanism comes from Christian sources, unfortunately. And we all know that Christians aren’t the most reliable source of information on Satanism. Overall, though I have met people from all around the world who believe they can “just sell their soul to get rich”.

What are some of the common themes behind this myth? First of all, we can go back to the tale of Faust. In this German legend, Faust is a successful scholar who longs for riches and fame. So, he decides to sell his soul to the Devil in return for these gifts. The devil sends his emissary, Mephistopheles to make a bargain with Faust to serve the devil for a set number of years.

Through this tragedy, in the end, Faust is deemed unworthy to enter into heaven and the Devil takes his soul to hell, anyway.  This cautionary tale has been retold many times and usually it shows that it is better not to compromise one’s ethics and morals in return for a quick promise of something that seems to be good. The myth persists however and is greatly misunderstood.

Another thing to consider is that power and wealth are (according to Christians) seen as a marker of evil, and thus, those who are famous and rich must have signed a pact with the devil to get where they are today. Never mind that they might have actual talent or were born into a position that allowed them to become rich and famous; that doesn’t matter, they are in league with Satan.

Take a moment to look up any celebrities name and see that there are conspiracy theorists that think they are in league with the devil. A great example, recently is that Taylor Swift is a biological clone or is posing as Zeena LaVey, daughter of the founder of Satanism, Anton LaVey (see: Is Taylor Swift a Secret Satanist at Hubpages).  Other examples which I find to be quite humorous: “Lil Wayne Satanist” search yielded About 80,600 results;  Rihanna Satanist (also, Princess of the Illuminati!) About 156,000 results; (so-called) Proof that Jimmy Hendrix sold his soul with About 458,000 results;  and finally – “famous musicians that sold their soul”  search yielded About 1,870,000 results on google.
Deal With the Devil
Satan is not a magic genie that can grant your wishes. Satan isn’t here to cater to your whims. However if you are willing to work hard to get what you want out of life and you decide to align with Satan through a pact it could only benefit you in the long run. It might give you that advantage in life that others don’t have. But such things only come through hard work and dedication and a bit of luck.

And wouldn’t it be easier just to cast a spell for money? You can check out the Luckymojo spell archive for some quick money spells. You might find better results with easier and quicker spells to get results before you cast that spell to win the lottery though! Life has a way of making things complicated so if you cast a spell to win big money then you get into a debilitating accident, you have your 100,000$ at a price of your peace of mind. So be careful what you ask for, my friends.


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