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Books on Satanism

At my website I compiled a list of books that can broaden your knowledge on Satanism and the Left Hand Path. These ten books are influential in the occult scene and they may just help you to advance in many ways. I have included books that were useful to me when I first started out in Satanism, as well. I hope you find the list to be interesting and useful on your journeys in the occult. You can purchase any of these books by clicking on the links. Suggested Reading

Left Hand Path Books Blog

For more books like these, take some time to visit the Left Hand Path Books blog. Updated regularly, you can find the largest selection of books on Satanism on the net. Also, books on Dark paganism, magic, spirituality, grimories, ritual magic, demonolatry, Left Hand Path Magic, witchcraft and more. Visit today and subscribe to the monthly newsletter!

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    I am new to Spiritual Satanism, and would like to know if there are more good sources on the internet to learn and gain knowledge? I have been doing lots of research, and have found the most frequently updated sites (JoS and affiliates) have what seems like good information sparced amongst a lot of Nazi propaganda and misinformation. I am interested in knowing Satan, not Nazism. It also seems that their methods may be a little dangerous (beginning with a blood pact, and proceeding directly into invoking demons without any preparation). This seems very wreckless to me. I was wondering if there were any similar sites that 1. Are not run by Nazi sympathizers. 2. Have good information about raising and directing energy in a safe and non-wreckless manner, and 3. Do not believe that Satan and His Demons are aliens that live on some other planet and communicate with humans telepathically (this seems like nonsense). Any help, direction, or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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