The Healing Powers of Satan? Reader Q&A

Satanic Healing
This letter from a reader is addressing the question of using Satan as a path to healing.

Hi. I require physical healing. I know Satan can heal me but I don’t know how to communicate with him or his angels. Is it possible to get well through magic or some other way? If yes, please guide me…

The simplest, most effective way to communicate with Satan is through prayer. Mindful prayer is what connects you to Satan in a spiritual way.

The issue with Satanism is a unique issue of inversion that isn’t really found in other occult paths. First of all, Satanists have inverted many different values and ideas to create a whole new way of belief. What I mean by this is that ‘light’ becomes ‘dark’, what is ‘bad’ is now considered to be ‘good’ by the Satanist. It is the same with Satan, and the beliefs and attributes that Satanists have described about this spirit or force.

Some Satanists expect Satan to act as a god that is benevolent, caring, healing.. but this just isn’t the case. Attributing healing powers to a force that is dark and maleficent just does not fit. It just hasn’t ever been the role of Satan to heal – that is, unless this Satanist is trying to invert those values of Christianity to ascribe what was once the role of the Christian god as a healing [loving, forgiving, beneficial] god, projected onto Satan.

And to me it does not make sense to attribute anything healing to the force of Satan. Demons and gods of this type do not fit into this role. He may be seeking help from a source that can’t help him in the way that he wants and perhaps that is why he has trouble communicating, and getting this to manifest. He could be asking the wrong source for help.

How many of us have done this? I know that I haven’t. In all my years of satanic practice, I never tried to assume that Satan was a beneficial spirit – but to me this is just common sense.
I would not seek help from a spirit who’s role or way of action isn’t even related to what I am seeking to manifest. That is like going to a goddess of love to get help with a curse spell! Using a destructive spirit to try and rebuild or heal just wouldn’t make sense to me. It isn’t Satan’s role to heal humans, or to heal anything for that matter.

What I’ve experienced as a satanist has been a good experience but this is mostly due to the way that I work with entities, and how I allow them to move through my life. What beneficial things have come my way have come to me through magic and other means, along with a careful and considerate use of certain entitles like Satan. If I needed help with things that I wanted to manifest, I would set about to do it for myself through magic and the occult, instead of trying to rely on Satan or any other entity for my welfare and happiness.

Unfortunately, in dealing with any entity, it seems that they can only do so much for us anyway. Gods, demons and spirits have limitations. That is why it is so useful to learn a magical skill. You may have more options if you knew how to use magic to aid you, and it could help you to be less dependent on Satan or whatever god you worship. These gods aren’t our servants to do whatever we ask them to do, whenever we want it.

I suggest that this person should seek medical aid first. Then perhaps use magic on the side, to help boost whatever can be done medically. Even a basic use of energy healing could help in this case. I wouldn’t advise waiting, hoping and praying for Satan or any other spirit or magic to replace what should be taken care of by a medical professional. I certainly can’t tell this person how to live, but some things just make sense.

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Dark Moon Merchant