The Masters of Invocation CD RELEASED!

Ritual Invocations!

I have something very special for you – I was invited by Jade Luna, and Devonia of Legatus Records to record a track for their upcoming CD release, titled “Masters of Invocation”. The style of music for this project is labeled as ‘Dark Ambient’. It is music that is appropriate for the ritual chamber. According to Pagan Radio network, this is “Truly original and unique devotional Neo-Pagan music!”

If you visit the Myspace page for “Jade Sol Luna Music” you can hear the contributing artists, Jade Luna, Raven Digitalis, and Helene DelCroix. My favorite track in their playlist is an amazing chanted invocation of Hecate.

According to Jade Luna, “The people I chose for the CD all have a deep practice in what they do”. Jade said that those who are involved with this project are “people from Various left handed paths invoking deities of the underworld.”

I was honored when they invited me to contribute to their new CD, ‘Masters of Invocation’. I agreed and I recorded a ritual invocation for this CD a few months later. This was recorded during a personal ritual where I lit a gold candle [Sol] that was representative of “power” while I chanted four specific Infernal names as an invocation. While I did this, I envisioned my voice reaching all around the world to help others discover and connect with Satanism, to inspire others to find their own “power” within!


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