The Venus Satanas FAQ

Who is Venus Satanas? a few facts about her:

who got you interested in satanism? was there a defining moment when you thought “ok this is the path for me”?

You could say that Satanism found me.

I got myself into satanism in 1992, when I found a book in the library titled, “The Church of Satan” by Blanche Barton. It was unlike anything I had ever read before. At the time i was into a study of mythology and I ended up in the reference section where I found the book. The ideas and concepts in the book made me consider taking up satanism. the more i explored it the more it seemed like it was the right path for me.

I was 13 at the time. My parents were not overtly religious and they stressed that I could believe whatever I wanted in my life, and that my life would be shaped by those decisions. My mother was into Astrology and she had taught me the basic ideas behind astrology since i was a child.

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Do u believe in an afterlife? & if you do would you like to spend it with the devil? & last one,do you believe in hell?

No, I do not accept the christian beliefs of heaven and hell, divine punishment and reward. Such are the beliefs of the religious, and they have no place in my spiritual practices. What Christians choose to believe about their god, their bible, and their satan is their business. I am more interested in the here and now, the present, and what impact that I can make on this life today and in my future.

I also do not accept the religious belief of incarnation. If you choose to accept those beliefs, please understand that not *all* people share those same beliefs or ideas. I have to accept responsibility for my life in the here and now, instead of hoping for something better and giving up on this life in the process.

For more on my views of Heaven, hell, and Satanism please visit this video –
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do you believe Jesus Christ is God?
Yes i know for a fact that the Christians believe that their god is Jesus Christ.

what about like the eastern gods? like shinto? or hindu gods
do you associate them into your magick and or meditation?

I’m not really sure. Eastern religion and mysticism is not my thing. I do accept that there are *many* gods in this world, but what those gods mean and who worships them I have no interest in, and as such they have nothing to do with me, or with my understanding of Satanism.

Google Skull & Bones, Illuminati, New World Order, CFR, Bilderbergers and the Bohemian Grove, David Icke, Von Daniken. etc.. are they satanic?

No, these are the ideas of extremist and fundamentalist Christians and conspiracy theorists. They know nothing about the culture of satanism today. They don’t interview satanists, nor do they quote sources of LaVey or other satanic organizations. They haven’t researched Satanism, past or present, but they expound on the ideas of the church which suggest that satan is everywhere causing trouble on this earth. The idea is very old, as old as christianity itself.

They choose to promote the propaganda that there is some kind of secret society controlling the world. I will leave those conspiracy theorists alone. their ideas are amusing, at best. At worst, they breed fear and moral panic, and make these authors a lot of money. it’s a multi-million dollar industry fed by the public’s curiosity in conspiracy. since the early days of christianity, beginning with the early church, the idea that the world was ruled by evil was common in christian society. That’s how the witchcraft trials started, and many innocent people died from it.

Those people should instead focus on the real problems in this life, like world pollution, political corruption, the failure of our economy, and the rape of children within the catholic church. You know, the issues that *really matter* in everyday living. Unfortunately things like that aren’t as sensational as some kind of reptilian alien conspiracy theory. The theorists don’t have the guts for exposing the real, true crime in our society. It doesn’t sell books and tv interviews, because the truth just doesn’t sell. Its easier to blame the ills on the world on some uncontrolled, unknown secret power than to confront the actual source of the trouble and take responsibility. That is the true tragedy, unfortunately.

where can i get a satanic bible?

You can get this book online from HERE for less than 5 dollars. Also, you can visit my Amazon Store, to see a variety of Satanic literature at LHP Books.

So, do you practice theistic satanism?
Yes, I have identified with theistic satanism since 2004. prior to that, I simply identified myself as ‘satanist’

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As you are aware the ONA promote the idea of human sacrifice and several Scandinavian groups promote both the idea of animal and human sacrifice

Sure. Who hasn’t seen those books? They are a danger to satanism, and to satanists. why anyone would accept their ideas as truth is beyond my understanding. I disregard people who follow the christian stereotype of ‘mass murdering church burning animal killing satanists’ as it was labeled in the 1980’s panic.

Perhaps those people need to branch out and study more relevant, and realistic material than the ONA propagandist books, if they are interested in a real study of satanism. Outside groups will always use the ONA as a way to blame *all* satanists for the ills of society. It’s a shame.

For more on this subject, see my video, Sacrifice in Satanism

so u believe in satan, does that mean you also believe in God.
If so why would u ally with the losing team??

The belief that “God” is good, and Satan is evil, is typically a christian view. I am not a christian, and i do not believe that a person has to be a christian or believe in the christian god to ally with satan. Some sects of satanism accept that Satan is the ONLY god. Some accept the self as god, and see satan as a symbolic force. Some are polytheist and recognize many gods. So my answer to you is that as satanist, we are not bargaining with the Satan that is associated with christianity.

I read in a website that someone wanted to become a demon so is it true that if you ask the devil for you to become a demon after you die but im not really sure because demons are non human spirits but is it possible?

Interesting idea, but a failed logic. humans will always have human dna and will never be anything more than human. However, it is possible to invoke the spirit of a demon so that you can gain a closer relationship. but in the end, you will always be human, from birth to death.

I would like to see some kind of documentation from a reliable source that proves otherwise.

How old do you think Satan is? And as you believe Satan exists do you also believe that God exists too?

Satan is as old as the religion of Christianity. Why is this? because it was the Christians who first identified with a spirit known as Satan. Yes there are other gods from other cultures who are similar, such as Set, or Ahriman, but they are not Satan. Each god has it’s own unique characteristics from the culture that it came from. The Christians identified Satan as everything that is worldly. Yes the earth has been here for a very long time but it wasn’t until Satan was identified with it, that it mattered to anyone, including Satanists.

Also, with the mention of ‘God’. There are many gods, and many variants of this god within different sects of religions. It is not necessary to interact with the christian god in order to experience Satan.. but in the end your experiences may vary. I never found it to be necessary, or useful to deal with the christian god.

so what is your view of a demon and what are some things a satanist would have to be cautious about?

My view of a that it is a collection of spiritual energy. a demon can be identified as a ‘genius spirit’ an entity that is specifically identified with certain aspects of nature. A demon neither cares about your personal desires or wishes, nor does it feel obliged to be your servant. Those who are mentally imbalanced, and emotionally immature should be cautious in dealing with any kind of magic or spirituality.

Us Wiccans want our symbol back. Pentagrams and Satan Masses are unoriginal in thought. Why turn our symbols upside down??

Really? The ancient Sumerians want their pentacle back too.. 🙂
The satanic pentagram did not originate with the practice of wicca. Upon study and observation it is easy to see that the inverted or point down pentagram has been identified with the forces of darkness since the middle ages and by various writers throughout the centuries. the pentagram that is known to satanists today came from Maurice Bessy ‘History of Witchcraft and the Supernatural”, borrowed by LaVey where it entered into satanic mainstream culture after the 60’s. The Gardinerian system of pentacles and pentagrams were inspired by Crowley and the Golden dawn and did not exist until after the 1950’s. So as you can see, the satanic pentagram has been around for many centuries. in fact the satanic pentagram in Bessy’s book from an even earlier version by eliphas levi in ‘the history of magic’. some 200 years before Wicca was invented in the 1950s

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How do i know that magic works? I have never tried it, could you show me something to prove to me it works?

magic is real and its been used for centuries by magicians. You can read many books that show you how it’s done. the best way to understand magic is to actually do it. without actually trying it you’re only theorizing and you won’t see any effects from it. Even if someone could show you something that was magical you would never understand it because you lack the basic understanding of the principles of magic. Even if they could explain to you how it worked you would lack the understanding of how and why.

I suggest study, and practice if you want to see effects from real magic. If you’re only curious then maybe its not for you. Magic is not a hobby, its a way of living. It requires study, and years of dedication. Magic is an art. An understanding of it doesn’t happen overnight. And trying to prove it to you is not worth my time, or yours.

Who is Satan?

In the christian bible, satan is the force that opposes the christian god, accused of the downfall of humanity. To Satanists, Satan represents many different things. It depends on individual experience. Views and opinions on Satan vary within the practice of satanism.

*Satan is a force of nature that represents the earth and all that it contains
*Satan is a symbolic image that satanists identify with
*Satan is a demon or demonic force
*Satan is human nature
*Satan is a force of darkness or void
*Satan is the force of destruction
*Satan is the forces of wisdom and knowledge
*Satan is a god that opposes Jehova.. etc.

See this video: Define Satanism from a Satanic Perspective

How do I know that Satan exists?

You wont know the answer to this until you study the many ideas of what Satan is, and then see how this relates to your understanding of the world.

I watched your video briefly saying how you can make a pact with satan, can you give me a more detailed walkthrough? are candles really really needed ? thanks your the coolest(and hottest person on you tube.) 😀

LOL! Thanks..
A ritual like this is something that you have to experience on your own. A ritual is a personal expression of what you want to create, and only you know what that may be. Candles aren’t necessary but they are a part of traditional ritual equipment. First you have to know what you want and then you have to do the ritual to put those ideas into action.

I explained this quite thoroughly at my website -> A Pact with Satan

I need your help with certain rituals..
Great! Contact me at my tarot reading website so you can set up a counseling session with me. In a counseling session we can discuss the details of your ritual or spellwork, and make a plan of action. I can discuss ritual setup, items to use, techniques and methods, but i can NOT perform your spellwork or rituals on your behalf.

Can you summon a demon/god/satan for me and tell it something for me?
No. Your dealings with demons are on your own terms. I will not get involved in things like this, and I also don’t claim to speak with Satan on others behalf, and I can not be your personal spiritual messenger, either. Like stated above, I am willing to give advice on rituals but I can not perform these rituals for you.

And no, I will not ask Satan what he thinks of you (YES I’ve been asked this before!) Your relationship with Satan is your own business. If you are wondering about things like this, you should perhaps seek to have a closer relationship with Satan, for yourself.

See my essay at the spiritualsatanist website -> The Force of Satan

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