Why I Like Being an Independent Satanist

Independent Satanism

Here are four reasons why I love being an Independent Satanist.

1. I like being Independent because I can create my own rules. This does not simply mean ‘do whatever I will’ but it does mean that I have the right to make a conscious decision as to what is right for me. Creating my own rules for how I want to live as a Satanist, and having those boundaries has shown me what is useful and what is not useful in my life (as a Satanist)

2. I represent my Self, and nothing else besides that. Maybe others like to have doctrines given to them to guide their beliefs and ways of thinking, but I do not. I don’t have to live by others ideals and teachings, for those things are only the tools and the devices of the religious and faithful. I am free to understand Satan in my own way on my terms, and I am also free to live the Satanists life according to my own way of belief.

3. I have the freedom to create my own rituals and methods of magic and style of Satanic worship. I am not chained to the dogmatic beliefs of organized Satanism. i am not restricted to the teachings of just one book.

4. I create my own vision of who I am and what I want. I follow through with those ideas. I am self-made, and I am not molded from the beliefs of organized satanism. I can be myself, uninhibited by the rules and commands of others that would determine my path in Satanism.

Non Serviam
V. S.