Winter Solstice is Upon Us! December 21st

Winter SolsticeFor those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice is upon us! Today is the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest period of darkness.

From my article, Holidays in Satanism Winter Solstice, 22nd: During this time the earth enters a slumber and winter sets in, reminding us of the cycle of life and death that we experience all around us every day. In this we are reminded of Belial and its planetary counterpart, Saturn, and south to the earth below us, reflecting on the necessity of endings for a new beginning to occur.

Because this day is associated with the shortest day it had often been associated with gods of death and darkness. From here, we can look forward to Sol Invictus  (“The Unconquered Sun”) on December 25th, a Roman holiday that was conveniently adopted and then commercialized by Christians.

Without endings there can be no new beginnings and without beginnings there can be no endings. Take this time to celebrate by reflecting on this year and its closing, and also take time to let go of the things that no longer benefit you. Tonight I’m going out to celebrate!

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