Hiding your Satanic Faith from the Public

Satanic Discrimination
A question was asked in my chatroom and I felt that it was definitely worth further discussion here at my blog:

Q : “Do you hide your faith in front of public to a degree of denying it publicly or do you admit, when others ask?

Great question! I think whether you hide your personal beliefs is a matter of what situation you are in and how it could affect your future. In my case there have been years where I openly wore my pentagram necklace and really had no problems with it. When people asked, I explained that I am Pagan and if they were open to that idea or even knew what it was, then we could possibly have a discussion about Satanism.

Most people’s reactions are surprise. “But you’re such a nice person!” they will say. To that, I reply, “Yes, I’m real. Satanism is real, and its probably not what you think”. If they want to have a discussion beyond that, it’s fine with me. They perhaps do not realize that Satanists come from all walks of life, you never know when you’ll meet one!

I wear a pentagram tattoo on the back of my neck that I had done back in 2003; I am proud to wear it and it is in the kind of place that I can hide it if chose to, but I don’t always hide it.

In all its a good idea not to let people know too much about your business. All though you may be a proud Satanist there is far too much prejudice in the world, even in the United States where we have (supposed) freedom of religion.

Consider how hard it has been for Wiccans and Pagans to be public with their religion, and how they have had to fight just to gain a small portion of acceptance in society. It is this way because Satanism and other religions like it are in the minority and minority religions will always be excluded from popular acceptance. It’s unfortunate but that’s just how things are.

For further research I would like to direct you to two sources that you can read, so you can decide for yourself if coming out is the right thing to do for you.

Religious Discrimination against Neopagans article at Wikipedia – for a brief oversight on recent cases of discrimination.
The Persecution of Pagans – article describing what some Pagans have had to deal with in America in daily life.


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