Commentary on the Guardian Demon

Guardian Demon

The Guardian Demon is a concept that is discussed in Satanism at times. I have had folks ask me to help them to contact their own personal guardian, or ask me how to work with them. It must be that those who promote the idea of a guardian demon are conveniently seeking to lay the responsibility of teaching spirituality on something else rather than taking the time to aid you in a personal way.

The concept of the Guardian Demon in Satanism suggests that a demon can help you to learn spell working and magic, that it can help you with psychic or spiritual abilities – but these are the things that you could (and should) be pursuing on your own without the aid of some demon. There is no easy way to take on a spiritual path and to change your life in a spiritual way, and to suggest that all you have to do is contact a demon to magically do all these things for you is ridiculous.

Generally, demons are not teachers who will aid you with these things. In fact, learning how to perform magic or do other spiritual activities should be something that you  learn on your own so that you have the necessary experience to actually summon a demon. Without this experience, you can not effectively or accurately communicate with the divine.

The concept of the guardian demon is something that was borrowed, quite incorrectly from the teachings of Aleister Crowley and the practice of Ceremonial Magick. In this system, the divine force of inner will is known as the “Holy Guardian Angel”. To assume that Satanists must copy this idea and reverse it, shows a lack of understanding of the methods of attaining conversation with one’s Holy Guardian Angel. It misses the mark entirely, making such ideas a waste of time.

There is no easy way out when it comes to learning how to do magic, or how to live a more spiritual life. It takes time and effort and dedication to one’s path. Lets face it, demons never have been, nor ever will be a personal guru. They are also not magic genies to ask wishes from. There is no spiritual being out there that will aid you in what you must do on your own.  If that seems daunting – it should. Spiritual attainment is a life-long journey that at times may feel that it may never be complete.

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