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Venus Satanas “Evel” Pastel Drawing

This is a pastel painting that I created in April of 2008. This scene depicts not the ‘fall of man’, but the rise of woman. The traditional mythology of eve and the serpent inspired me to create this work of art.

However, I wanted to show the true nature behind the event, from my own vision. So I created “Evel”.

She is surrounded by the darkness but she herself is illuminated as she accepts the serpent’s gift of wisdom. Her gaze is below, towards the earth; but she is not looking away from god, she is looking within. She is part animal, part human and she is radiantly soft and beautiful.

This painting was created with Windsor and Newton pastels on pastel paper.


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Venus Satanas

My name is Venus Satanas and this is a bit of copy about me. I have been a Satanist since 1992, and I am the author of, author and administrator of the Left Hand Path Books Review Blog, and creator of educational videos on Satanism at Youtube. That’s not telling you much, so find out more about me here


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