Why Satanism Does not have Churches


Satanic Church
Many people have come to me to ask me where they can find a local Satanic Church to worship at. It’s a shame that in this day and age we do not have any churches to go to, let alone groups that we can gather in, in person to come together in the name of Satan.

Other groups and organizations can be found worldwide, where you can contact them and easily find a local chapter, allowing you to talk with others in person regarding your faith. Wicca is a good example of this, at least here in America. You are able to go to any major city and find your local Wiccan organization and participate in festivals any time of the year.

Satanists do not have this luxury. Not only is Satanism part of a new religious movement, meaning that it still has room to grow socially, but there are so few of us out there that even if we did have the opportunity to gather together it would be a rare occurrence.

Most of us meet online, in chatrooms and in social networks. It’s safer for us as well, because despite our (supposed) freedom of religion, it would be too easy to attract attention from radical conservative groups who would want to make sure that our gatherings never happen.

So, Satanism has no brick and mortar churches to worship at. And, do we really want that anyway? Shouldn’t that kind of thing be reserved for the kinds of religions that rely on social gatherings and long-held traditions? Satanism isn’t reliant on those kinds of things, generally. It is supposed to be a personal experience. While you can share your experiences with others, generally you are on your own when it comes to your personal relationship with Satan.

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    I like this ,brought me some thoughts to ponder upon as in ,Satanist’s being individuals standing on their own and viewing Satan each in their own vision ,does it really need a church and with this in mind do Satanist really feel the need to act as Christians who worship in churches and etc. Churches are also tax exempt and this is something that LaVey was against. On the flip side The Greater Church of Lucifer has created a spiritual establishment for both Luciferians and Satanists to gather and attend services and etc..more such as these would be nice however then the thoughts previously mentioned come into mind again.
    Thanks for this post (:

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    Hi Venus! This is a topic I have been obsessed with. For practitioners of Theistic Satanism, there are no acceptable churches. Well myself and 11 others are working to change that. For JOS to be the only available organization for Theistics is going to end. We have a pretty unique idea. To be a legit church you have to do a couple of things: pay the right people, and have a church doctrine. We’ve decided not to look for Satan in the world of mythology. Our church doctrine is two documents: The U.S. Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson (obvious Freemason and church-hater) never once uses the name “Jesus”, he uses “Creator”, which is interesting. We propose making one slight adjustment- replace “Creator” with “Satan” and there you have it. A legitimate Satanic church doctrine. Of course we are flying in the face of separation of church and state, but the Protestants have already set that precedent. We have some very talented individuals and a lot of cash invested in this thing- as well as a proper High-Priestess. There is such a need to create Theistic Satanic churches that don’t involve Hitler and hate-speech against the Jewish people. Actually focused on spirituality and American Democracy, So the “Creator” that Jefferson mentions in the Declaration, is so very different from the Christian God- of course we are talking about two separate Gods. So we’re saying why don’t we call this “Creator” by His name? Why don’t we call Him what He wants us to call him… 😛 Hail Satan for American Democracy!

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      Tripp! Nice to see you again. Interesting ideas you have going on there.. unfortunately we have to wait until society catches up with us. As long as we have to deal with “christian privilege” we won’t be able to move forward. Christian privilege is a fact of life, it enables them to discriminate against anyone and anything that does not fall in line with their values and ideals despite the fact that we are supposed to have freedom of religion. See my post from April ’17 about Is Satanism Legal In America?

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    Well said about the need for no churches for the LHP.

    I have created a blog on WordPress called edaemon for independent LHP individuals. I am looking for six writers to join me in writing one post a week max 600 words one image from their point of view to assist individuals to construct their own path.

    I would like to recruit you and TROLL as writers (there will be 7 altogether).

    The blog is here:


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    What blogs do other satanist use to come together
    I only took the path of satan last month ,so far i only know of the onyx bible,the laveyens and thier bible and pantheistic satanism

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    I personally believe it's not really a group social thing. I understand stand the need to meet and talk with people with a similar idea. But i personally felt, for me it's a singular….relationship.

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    its still rather a shame that it's so hard to meet others of our faith face to face 🙁 As you said girl, we are few in number. I would say Satanists are probably part of the smallest religion in the world.


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