The Source of Satanic Power

In between working on my book, I’ve been here at my blog focusing on the questions that people send to me. I got a really interesting letter from a youtube user, a theistic satanist of five years, who has asked me where the source of Satanic power comes from. Here is her letter, in her own words..

from 15 to 21 i was worshiping in my mind an actual person i believed to be satan, now i realise that what i really want to do is worship myself and my spiritual self/mind and i was just wondering, is satanic energy the best energy i can conjure up for myself to help me become more spiritual, because i will always be satanic!

I think the ‘energy of satanism’ that she is speaking of, is something that comes from living as a satanist. It is something that can only be created through application of what you know.

I like Satanism because it is focused on self-love. Worshiping the self is great – but what does that really mean? And what could something like that do for you? Many may mistake this self-love for selfishness. But, it is not selfish to care about yourself. You have to learn how to love yourself before you can love anyone else. To be selfish is to exclude others from your life and keep others away, but self love allows you to be real with yourself and to be open with others because you are confident.

As far as spirituality, you can find it in many ways. To me, a walk in the woods to my favorite spot, is my favorite way to connect with natural power. I love to visit a gigantic tree, the Fairchild Oak, that has been in these woods where I live, for over 2,000 years. Being in those woods, and touching that tree and feeling it’s energy is a spiritual experience for me. The walk in the woods makes for a simple way to spiritually ‘align myself’. Of course you may have other ways that help you to be more spiritual; whether it is through ritual, or through the appreciation of life. And for me, a true appreciation of life is something that is very satanic.